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techsupport 10 Nov 2023

I’ve been privileged to work with the Integress team on multiple HR and IT searches. I greatly appreciate that they’ve taken the time to first understand our company culture and then to find matches that will benefit both the company as well as the candidate. I have been impressed with the quality of the candidate pool they presented in each search. I’ve also benefitted from the company’s character. We had an acute need to fill and when Integress didn’t feel they could adequately address it—rather than attempt to fill it in order to earn a commission—they referred us to a competitor in the space to meet the need. That is one example of the way they conduct business that will keep me enthusiastically coming back to Integress. I consider Joe Van Tassel and the Integress team to be both a trusted advisor and a strategic business partner and I will continue to rely on them in the future as the need arises.

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