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Data Jobs - Recruit With Integress Inc.
Joe Van Tassel 24 Jan 2021

If you are frustrated with having the right talent in data management, protection and integration, you could be facing huge financial losses.

The world is powered by big data— the internet— including social networks, web search requests, text messages, and media files. Data is created by IoT devices and sensors, which are the key drivers for the global big data market growth. This proliferation of data has increased the importance of big data consulting and hiring people capable of harnessing complex data processing. Data management, data mining, data analytics, and more fall under the purview of data scientists. Data is capital, an economic factor of production in digital goods and services. This is why the field is growing exponentially; for data scientists, hiring growth is up by 46% since 2019.

Data Management

Data management is the practice of collecting, keeping, and using data securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. This will help individuals within your company, your company as a whole, and the clients you interact with to take actions that maximize utility. A robust data management strategy will enable your company to use that data towards the benefit and future growth of your organization. The process of managing data is multi-faceted, involving policies, procedures and practices throughout the organization. The strategy such data management requires should address the activity of clients and staff, the technological capabilities, the regulatory requirements within which you’re operating, and the needs of your organization in terms of obtainable value from the data.

Data mining talent is required in all organizations be it in manufacturing, marketing , agritech and cryptocurrency mining. Our recruiters are able to headhunt talent to match your needs without any upfront costs.
Our nationwide recruiters are able to headhunt data mining talent from entry-level roles right through to your next Chief of Data.

Data Mining

Data mining is the process of finding patterns, anomalies, and correlations within data sets that can then be used to predict results. This information can then be applied to strategies to increase revenue, cut costs, improve relationships with clients, reduce risk, target demographics, optimize prices, and more. The foundation of data mining relies on statistics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, meaning algorithms that can analyze data and make predictions. Intelligent data mining allows a company to sift through the chaos of large data sets and sift out pertinent information. Weeding through to find what is relevant and what is useful, efficiently, helps a company use that information towards set goals. The optimization of data mining accelerates the pace of making informed decisions.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is a general term for the science of analyzing raw data. Any type of information can be subjected to data analytics techniques to get insight that can be used to improve things. The technique reveals trends and metrics that might otherwise get lost of the mass jumble of information that is a large data set. This process has been automated into mechanical processes and algorithms that work over raw data for human consumption.

However, computers can only do so much on their own. It takes the right person with the right talent to be placed in the right position. The facts are with the right talent and skills, you can and will be able to optimize data for the benefit of your company or organization. This is where Integress becomes your strategic partner in recruiting the right person. We are a boutique technical search firm specializing in finding people nationwide, presenting them with your vision, culture and job expectations. With two offices, one in Southern California and the other in Chicago, our team search and place personnel nationwide. If you are tired of a transactional relationship with your recruiter, well try us, we believe in partnerships.

We love working in emerging and growing industries like the field of data. We specialize in attracting and identifying exceptional applicants so that your company is freed of the time-consuming pressure of the hiring process. We can help with permanent placements as well as temporary or contracted work. To find out more about how we can help your company hire the right person for your data-related needs, contact us here now.

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