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Joe Van Tassel 25 Mar 2020

Repatriating US Manufacturing | Medical Manufacturing

Joe Van Tassel, is President of Integress a company focussing on recruiting and headhunting engineers, scientist and technical experts for manufacturers, the medical sector and information technology.
Joe Van Tassel, President of Integress, Inc. His vision is all about recruiting and headhunting the right talent for the engineering, technical and medical sectors. His vision is to support the expansion staring at us post COVID-19.

I’ll never forget starting my first business during what I thought would be the worst recession of my life. The jury is still out on that, but ever since those dark days of ramen eating and cold calling, I’ve been wondering when the next crash in the economy will come.

The Last Recession

We know what happened with that last recession, and what was exposed changed the way we do business – especially in the mortgage and real estate industries. With this Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, something has been exposed as well, we’ve over-outsourced and have gone too far when it comes to allowing other countries to manufacture essential goods. We don’t know the severity yet of how this will impact our economy, but it’s very clear in the immediate that there is a strain on vital human needs. 

The Shift From China Back To The USA

We’ve relied on China and many other countries for too many things, for too long.  Decades ago we sold out our own manufacturing plants for short-term profits. Now, in the long-term, we are paying the true price, which is an uncontrollable lack of human needs. And I mean, uncontrollable in the literal sense – we do not have the control or even the ability to create or fulfill some of the most critical needs like medical device products, pharmaceuticals, and even food. Medical manufacturing in particular is of great importance, now more than ever.

Positive Growth for Manufacturing in The USA

There is a silver lining, however, which is that once we stabilize the economy, I believe the U.S. manufacturing industry will come roaring back. A resurgence of pride will come back too, giving weight to “Made in America”, and put purpose back into working for the common good. 

One of the lessons of this pandemic is that globalization can be great, but only to an extent. If not done correctly and in moderation, it can jeopardize our freedom. The last time the U.S. really had to pivot it’s manufacturing infrastructure was in WWII when we repurposed factories to be munitions plants. It’s arguably what won the war. Currently, we’re worse off. We’ve really lost the ability to pivot like that and be self-reliant. However, there is a solution. 

Mechanical Engineering Recruiters and Headhunters

Here is my prediction:

With this pandemic the novel Coronavirus / COVID-19, exposing a vulnerability in our country’s supply chains, we now have an opportunity to build it back up. My hunch is that the American government will incentivize or subsidize the manufacturing of critical products back here in the U.S. Incentives would be via tax breaks for businesses and subsidizing would be for wages,  allowing companies to compete with the famously low labor costs overseas. 

I personally believe that this will reignite the domestic manufacturing industry, and will call for a lot of hiring in the fields of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and food science. In other words, the manufacturing of life’s essentials. With over 90% of antibiotics being made in China, it’s become clear that safety is at risk, and an influx of support to American made goods will help us regain composure” Joe Van Tassel.

Human Capital With Integress

At Integress we focus on building up companies such as these, and for over a decade have specialized in placing talent at medical device manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and the like. We know there is a talented pool of candidates waiting for this opportunity to work here in the U.S.. I also feel that in the industrial automation industry we have great potential to put people to work here that are excited and ready to work on upleveling our systems domestically. We have been in the field talking to engineers and general managers, and feel that all echelons of the American system can support this shift.  

We do it all on a contingency fee basis, which will give you the opportunity to plan for the growth now. Bailey Van Tassel, Marketing Director

We are the most innovative, consumer-driven nation.  We should have the ability to serve the necessary items to our people, and I have no doubt that we will. To begin scoping your engineering, technical or medical talent contact us HERE

Repatriating US Manufacturing
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Repatriating US Manufacturing
At Integress we focus on building up companies such as these, and for over a decade have specialized in placing talent at medical device manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and the like.
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