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Recruiting Tips for The Cyber Security Industry

Cyber Security Recruiters
Joe Van Tassel 17 Oct 2020

When it comes to cyber security, the United States has less than half the skilled workers it needs to meet demand; for every 100 job openings in the cybersecurity field, there are only 48 qualified applicants. Cyber security is not only a growing field, but it is an increasingly important component across a variety of fields, from education to healthcare. Acquiring and retaining talent can be time-consuming and extremely difficult. Partnering with Integress for your hiring needs will enable your company to tap into our expertise to find you cyber security talent that fits seamlessly into your unique company culture and needs.

Cyber Security Threats

Cyber threats continue to substantially grow in both volume and intensity across industries. When these tech and cyber breaches go undetected, the level of sometimes damage can be irreversible, sometimes leading to job loss and impacting profit. The labor force is having a difficult time rising to the demand of cybersecurity throughout industries. Companies need to be more proactive in hiring top-tier talent to successfully forestall these attacks.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many companies to shift focus and dependence online. It seems like almost everything is happening on computers, phones, and tablets. With this increased dependence on technology comes an increased vulnerability to cyberattacks. Education and healthcare are no exceptions.


Many schools, from elementary to graduate level education, are engaging in some form of virtual learning as students and teachers try to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Though the marvels of modern technology make such a transition feasible, this increased dependence on technology does not come without risk. In the midst of all the challenges posed by virtual learning and the pandemic, cyber criminals have been targeting educational systems around the country in an attempt to disrupt their operations. For example, hackers recently posted personal information of both students and teachers onto the dark web during a ransomware attack at the start of Fairfax County’s distance learning.[i] Unfortunately, finding the perpetrators of such crimes can be very tricky. The digital landscape is maybe less clear than a physical investigation and evidence can be migrated, transferred, changed in ways that can obfuscate the criminal actors and the intentions.


Cyberattacks and data breaches can also be devastating for healthcare organizations. COVID-19 forced many healthcare businesses to reconsider how they would support and secure sensitive data and network entry points that are vulnerable to malicious attacks or internal threats. Though many of these organizations had a large digital footprint pre-COVID, they still found themselves vulnerable to attack. For example, a large US-based healthcare company, Universal Health Services, suffered a cyberattack recently that shut down the IT network across all their facilities nationwide.[ii] This left them temporarily without access to phones, computer systems, internet, and their data center. These types of attacks can have a devastating affect when people’s lives are at stake.


The coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly put a spotlight on the lack of cybersecurity in organizations across a wide variety of industries. Businesses must now prioritize the capabilities of their cybersecurity team. When recruiting cybersecurity professionals to join your team, you should look for unique, valuable skills that contribute to the specific needs of your company.

This individualized process is where Integress excels. We are a nationwide boutique technical search firm that specializes in identifying individuals with talent to match your company’s story. We do this by becoming an extension of your company, getting to know your story so that we can use it to draw in the right fit for your cybersecurity needs. We provide a low-risk solution for companies looking to expand their talent pool and fill roles with capable candidates with the highest prerequisites. Find out more about our white glove service by contacting us here.



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