Director of Technology

Director of Technology

$120,000 – $150,000


Benefits: Full

Position Overview

The Director of Technologyprovides strategic leadership on information technology, facilitates technology projects, and manages department operations to ensure the delivery of robust and reliable technology resources in accordance with the Mission, Core Values, and needs of the Company.



  • Attend administrative leadership team meetings and contribute to consultative discussions
  • Inform division heads and department directors of the work of the IT department
  • Partners with different administrators (directors, admissions, communications, development, business office) to provide efficient workflows for company operations and enhance the company’s web presence and communications
  • Collaborate with administrative team members to ensure consistency and coordination of technology activities
  • Manage the current technology operations budget and forecast future budgetary needs
  • Manage Company policies that relate to appropriate and legal use of technology by employees
  • Meets weekly with to address company’s technology needs and collaborate on professional development
  • Supervise the Company’stech support personnel
  • Other responsibilities may be required

Vision and Planning:

  • Work with the Company to establish priorities, initiate projects, and set policy regarding information technology services
  • Develop technology plans that stay abreast of new developments and support the Company
  • Define and deliver cost-effective, reliable, and secure technology solutions to the Company
  • Consult with Company leaders and end users to understand how information technology can better support various departments and administrative needs
  • Develop and administer long-range strategic planning for the technology program
  • Deliver annual presentations to the Budget Committe

Technology Professional Development:

  • Oversee technical training
  • Train employees on basic technology proficiency
  • Participate in the Company’s strategic planning process to anticipate the technology needs for new and/or upgraded learning spaces

Technology Administration:

  • Oversee:
  • Employee devices
  • iPad and iPad app deployments
    • Windows machines
    • Chromebooks
    • Smartboards
  • Google Workspace and Classroom
    • Shared technology labs/equipment scheduling
    • Copy machines
    • Phone systems
  • Supervise the management of the Company’s:
    • network infrastructure
    • onsite and cloud servers
    • data information systems
    • Company portal
    • Company’sWi-Fi system
  • Supervise the deployment of employee technology devices and software
  • Lead the procurement of IT equipment and services

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