Engineering Director in Los Angeles County

Engineering Director

$175,000 – $200,000


Benefits: Full


This position is responsible for design and manufacturing engineering resources for several unique product lines within Engineered Products. This includes R&D, design, new product introduction (NPI), manufacturing engineering, product planning, developing requirements documents, scheduling, developing technical product specifications, and supervising other members of the development team and the ability to work in a cross functional matrix environment.  Additionally, this individual must add value by ensuring that new technology is being developed and the  products produced are competitive within the marketplace. This role is critical to the growth of the business.


  • Set the vision and strategy for the Engineering department and product development
  • Provide leadership and direction during the product development where product issues are identified, detailed, improved upon or corrected early in the product development process
  • Lead the R&D projects, budgets and strategy for Engineered Products 
  • Develop Capex plan with operations to ensure alignment between operations capabilities and design
  • Provide leadership during the Bid and Proposal process for the site
  • Work with sales and marketing to assist in the product bid and proposal pricing process 
  • Provide input for manufacturability, direct and non-recurrent cost as part of the bid and proposal process
  • Provide leadership for engineering project management
  • Provide assistance to operation in meeting financial goals per annual operating plan
  • Provide leadership during technical information exchange with customers 
  • Provide implementation of manufacturing that is process dependent
  • Product planning, scheduling and tracking of product development cycles and acquisition of needed resources when appropriate 
  • Develop and write product engineering specifications that meet the vision set forth by the product/marketing requirements documents 
  • Ensure customer requirements are met during the product development process and all appropriate requirements are incorporated into product insuring that key features are tested and that products certified to be ready to ship; are in fact ready to ship
  • Train the product engineer’s tools such as 8D, PFMEA, DMEA, lean design concepts and ensure the engineering team uses structured gate review process during product development
  • Provide leadership to configuration management and design and drafting management by establishing drafting standards and standard components in design  
  • Conduct skill set analysis of the group and identify methods to reduce the gap 
  •  Develop and mature an engineering culture and infrastructure for the company
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the engineering requirements with military and government programs
  • Reviews and makes recommendations on policies and procedures to maximize department operating performance


  • Knowledge of Thermal Cycling & Shock Testing 
  • Temperature & Humidity Testing 
  • Random & Sine Vibration Testing
  • Acceleration Testing
  • Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in Engineering 
  • 5-10 years in related work experience in appropriate work responsibility 
  • Aerospace or Automotive industry related manufacturing, product development and project management experience highly desirable 
  • Six Sigma, Lean Product development, Kaizen Activity are highly desirable
  • Must be proficient in the use of MS-Office tools
  • Project Management skills are highly desired 
  • Responsible for the proper handling and management of hazardous waste generated in their work area



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