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Engineering Recruiters – How To Hire Your Best Engineering and Technical Talent

Joe Van Tassel 15 Oct 2020

The key to attracting and retaining exceptional engineers, is fostering an environment and work culture in which they can thrive. Even in the best of times, it can be challenging to recruit, hire, and retain talented engineers. Where and how to find good engineers; how to hire passive candidates and how to choose between exceptional candidates; and finally how to build a sustainable, thriving team are all issues Integress can help with. Working with Integress eliminates the frustrations, energy-drain, and time waste that many companies fall victim to when trying to build a team on their own.

Finding Engineers

There is a shortage of engineering talent in the market. Traditional methods of sourcing talent will leave a company struggling to find the right candidate for their positions. In addition to resume, there are a lot of factors to consider when looking for the best candidate. Credentials are a good starting point, but skill and experience are critical. No two job hires will be the same, because the ideal candidate should not only be qualified, but fit into the specific and individualized needs of your company and that specific position. Integress is a boutique technical search firm specializing in finding not only extremely qualified engineering candidates, but customizing that search to the unique atmosphere of our client’s workplace culture.

Recruiting a Passive Candidate

It’s important to be proactive when looking to hire an engineer, especially when it comes to recruiting passive job seekers. A passive engineer is one who is currently employed, but with the right incentive, could be motivated to join your team instead. Common motivators include higher salary, career development or training, exciting projects, and a more ideal work-life balance. Passive recruiting is often a long-term strategy as it may take a while to convince an especially talented engineer to make a change in employment. Partnering with Integress to hire allows your company to tap into a robust network of candidates immediately.

How to Retain Top Talent

Once the ideal engineering candidate has been hired, it’s important to foster an environment in which they can thrive. Again, this is a unique process that is customized not only to the new hire, but to the needs of the company and the newly-filled position. There are however a few general areas that may appeal to most engineers. One way is to offer independence and support. When an engineer feels respected and trusted, given space and autonomy to do their job, they’ll feel more appreciated and overall morale will increase. Fostering a creative environment may also help retain talented engineers, as it provides them an opportunity to innovate, solve problems, and create. The cornerstone of both fostering independence and creative, is communication. It’s important that actionable feedback is provided in a constructive way that motivates everyone on the team. Finally, many engineers would like the opportunity not only to keep their current skills up-to-date with licensing and certifications, but continue learning while working. Many top engineers are attracted to companies that provide opportunities for learning, development, mentoring, and other growth opportunities.

At Integress, we will work with your company to design and implement searches that are aligned with your specific company’s values and needs in order to attract the best engineers, with the right talent and ideal skillset. We offer a white glove service every step of the way and can help you not only find and hire the best engineers, but keep them too. Integress engineering recruiters and headhunters are located in Southern California and Chicago, but we work with technology and engineering companies throughout the USA.

If you’re looking to grow your team by finding ‘the cream of the crop’ of engineering talent, contact us HERE to find out how we can help.

Engineering Recruiters  - How To Hire Your Best Engineering and Technical Talent
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Engineering Recruiters - How To Hire Your Best Engineering and Technical Talent
Do you feel like it's impossible to find exceptional engineering and tech talent in your industry? Find out how we recruit top candidates.
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