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Engineering Recruiting Agencies: What to Look For!

Joe Van Tassel 29 May 2020

Large Pool of Qualified Candidates to Draw From

One of the main qualifiers of a valuable technical recruiting agency is both the size and quality of the pool of candidates that the firm can draw from. Larger recruitment organizations usually have a database of possible applicants that can be utilized to fill a position. As with anything, quantity isn’t always better than quality, but at Integress we’ve found a happy medium by keeping currently employed engineers active in our database. With a great working relationship over a number of industries we can work to bring you highly desirable talent through negotiation and mutual understanding. Currently active and experienced employees often fit roles exceptionally and firms may have exclusive rights to their labor under contract. If an active employee is unavailable for the foreseeable future they can also be a great source of referrals within their industry.

Can Your Hiring Firm Save You Time and Money?

One of the primary appeals of engineering recruiting agencies is the prospect of saving your company both time and money. By utilizing the services that a headhunter can offer it essentially frees your management team from the added burden of seeking new talent. Any recruitment agency that you partner with should be able to prove their inherent savings and should have client testimonials in order to attest to their proven history. By saving your management the effort of finding new employees your executive team can focus on more important internal priorities such as supply chain and product development.

Vetting of Candidates and Background Check Options

A technical recruiter firm with years of experience will know the right qualifications, questions, and reference points when vetting a candidate for a given role. A highly established firm will also offer the option of background checks for partners that want to be as thorough as possible with new hires. At Integress we offer both types of qualification checks including personality and competency tests as well as professional screenings like drug tests. We can also verify credit records, criminal records, bankruptcy filings, and much more.

Attention to Company Culture

One of the purposes of undergoing a personality evaluation by our team of recruiters is to make sure that our qualified candidates match your company culture and won’t have a problem integrating into a new team environment. Because many of our candidates are seasoned, have extensive work experience, and a large body of personal references, we’re able to gain a deeper understanding of their industry related goals and how it aligns with the trajectory of your company. We’re adept at keeping open lines of communications between both parties and putting the time into maintaining a perfect match throughout the entire process.

Variety of Offerings and Options

We understand that no two companies or employment situations are identical which is why it’s important to weigh the different options that recruitment companies offer. Whether you’re looking for a permanent, temporary, or contract employee, it’s also good to recognize what levels of corporate structure are also offered. At Integress we’re in communication with candidates from a wide range of levels and backgrounds. We can fulfill executive level roles or that of a specialized technical temp worker.

Specificity and Specialty – Comprehensive Market Knowledge

When working with any recruiting agency it is invaluable that the headhunter has both complete knowledge of the market and extensive experience filling niche roles. We’re of the opinion that working with a specialized agency will always yield better results than partnering with a generalized recruitment firm. While they may have candidates that fit the requirements, a correct match is not guaranteed, especially when that generalized recruiter does not have the deep market knowledge necessary to understand the machinations of a niche industry. At Integress, we have countless and invaluable years of experience in the fields of manufacturing, industrial automation, logistics/materials handling, and IT. Furthermore, we have experience placing within even more niche industries within these verticals such as biotech, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and more.

Locality and Experience with Local Markets

Although Integress is a nationwide recruiter and one of the largest tech recruiters in the US, we understand the value in connectivity with local markets and industries. Because we’ve conducted business and performed placements in every major US city, we have close ties and with local companies and skilled employees. Although it’s great to find a skilled worker within the same region as your business, we can also negotiate relocations packages to incentivize exceptional talent. By the same token, we also use our understanding of local industries to calculate the right figure when it comes to competitive salary and benefits.

Be Thorough

The process of finding the perfect engineering recruitment agency, while seemingly involved at first, can save your company countless man hours and keep your hiring lean and nimble. With ever-changing job markets the flexibility of having a world class talent pool to draw from may be the key decider in company and manufacturer longevity. We’ve catered our structure and process to contingent based meaning you don’t owe a recruitment fee until we’ve found you the perfect match. There’s no risk in trying us to fulfill new and specific roles as they occur according to ever-shifting market trends. Call today to find out how we can help find you the perfect talent.

Who Are The Best Engineering & Technical Recruiting firms in the USA?

There are plenty of them, all you have to do is Google it. However none offer zero fees upfront like Integress Inc., we do this because we want to ensure you are satisfied with the talent we put in front of you. With the growth in manufacturing and re-shoring activities, we want companies to have a low-risk financial strategy to high-value human capital selection. With offices in Southern California and Chicago, we are able to offer engineering recruiting services throughout the USA. We also with international companies who need engineering recruiting services for USA based operations. We are able to provide virtual consultations and set up interviews. All initial consultations are complimentary, contact us HERE

Engineering Recruiting Agencies | What to Look For
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Engineering Recruiting Agencies | What to Look For
Larger recruitment organizations usually have a database of possible applicants that can be utilized to fill a position. As with anything, quantity isn’t always better than quality, but at Integress we’ve found a happy medium by keeping currently employed engineers active in our database.
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