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Joe Van Tassel 11 Mar 2020


What areas of manufacturing engineering jobs do you recruit or headhunt for?

We provide headhunting and engineering recruiting services and are seeing a surge in industrial automation and robotics. However, if you have a manufacturing facility, we are able to recruit and headhunt across the USA to ensure you get the right talent for your business.

What are your fees like?

We work based on contingency. We pride ourselves on customizing our services to ensure you get the right talent to join your team.

Why Choose Integress As Your Manufacturing Engineering Recruiter?

The term “headhunter” may be a bit of a turnoff for some people, so maybe you prefer the term recruiter, or perhaps hiring a specialist. Whatever you call them (us), headhunters are actually both part scientists and artists. There is a huge need right throughout the USA within the manufacturing profession for headhunters because of how technical and demanding the roles are. The landscape for technology jobs is also changing rapidly and manufacturing engineering jobs are being defined differently. For example, there is a surge in the industry with all the industrial automation and robotics coming into play, requiring a very detailed and high level of attention in recruiting the best talent for not only your open role, but your specific culture and company. We are seeing this in all our cases and we have the right team to adapt, customize and deliver the right candidate profiles for our clients.

The Impact of Low Unemployment Rates in the USA on Manufacturing Engineering Jobs

Another element of today’s hiring landscape is the low unemployment rate. With so many people in jobs, the level of competition is high. The power is in the hands of the talent, so the best people at their jobs have a lot of leverage. Headhunters manage these dynamics every day and can help you navigate the landscape with ease and efficiency.

The issues around manufacturing engineering salaries can become a sticking point but our priority is to first find the right talent for you, work with you on solutions to retain the candidate.

3 Reasons To Use A Headhunter For Hiring In The Manufacturing Industry

Reason 1: High skill set jobs require knowledge of technical components

The manufacturing world is no longer the blue collar environment it once was with people standing around conveyor belts all day. There are many highly technical components and skill-based roles that need specific attention. Headhunters are attuned to the nuances of each role whether someone be on the floor of a manufacturing facility, or behind a desk engineering a new product. The varying jobs require vast knowledge of education levels, certifications, salaries, and skills (hard and soft). Industry specific headhunters know all of these things intimately and can help guide you when talking to candidates. 

Reason 2: Engineering Headhunters know what quality is

With hundreds of thousands of manufacturing roles and employees out there, it can be hard to know just who is the best in the business. Headhunters talk all day – their job is to actually be on the phone with people who perform jobs in the manufacturing industry.  All day, everyday. They get to know what passion really looks like and how the best candidates rise to the top. We talk about this in our 5 Recruiting Tips for Hiring Mechanical Engineers article, addressing how little things like finding people who often spend free time working with their hands are great candidates to hire because they are lifelong learners and experimenters.  

Additionally, there are different levels of motivating factors in people – some people are steady and measured versus some people who want to grind and move up the ladder. There isn’t a “better” person so to speak, just a better fit for your specific role. 

Headhunters compare and contrast so many different personalities and skill sets, giving them a great frame of reference for who truly will be that perfect hire. 

Reason 3: Engineering Headhunters are different than Human Resources Professionals

When it comes to hiring, there’s a difference between experience and skill set. There is a certain temperament ideal for each role, there are certain clues that people’s resumes leave, and certain questions to ask that can reveal someone’s true nature. These are all things you need to factor in when finding the perfect match for your next role, and it can be hard on Human Resources to know the magic of that coming together. A typical HR department is working on so many elements already: salaries, reviews, policies, employee relations, benefits, etc. they aren’t always able to focus on the technical qualifications, degrees, personalities, etc., because they handle so much on top of that. Industry-specific headhunters like ours talk about manufacturing roles all day, so are able to be laser focused and pick up on how little parts of a big whole come together for an ideal candidate to be found. 

Additionally, with a headhunter helping you hire in the manufacturing industry, there is a sense of urgency. They are motivated to close the deal and can be laser focused. In-house hiring can take a long time because it’s one of many responsibilities for a H.R. (Human Resources) professional. 

In a highly competitive employment market and with manufacturing being a trending industry, there is no doubt that using a headhunter for your current manufacturing hiring is the way to go. While we tout using a headhunter and recruiting firm, not all are created equal. Read this article, How to Select A Great Engineering Recruiting Firm, to best understand how to get together with a great firm, ensuring long term success for years to come. 

3 Reasons To Use A Headhunter For Hiring In The Manufacturing Industry
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3 Reasons To Use A Headhunter For Hiring In The Manufacturing Industry
Learn how to recruit or headhunt for a manufacturing engineering job. We are seeing a surge in industrial automation and robotics jobs and have been placing specialist engineers in various different manufacturing plants.
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