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How to Hire Technical Talent in California

How to Hire Technical Talent in California
Joe Van Tassel 20 Apr 2021

If you run an engineering, technology, or IT firm in California, there are many reasons you may want to hire from in-state: less cost-of-living adjustments, local knowledge and connections, and often it’s simply an easier process to hire locally. However, limiting your company to in-state hiring may severely limit the pool of talented candidates to pick from for each position. This is why the strategic headhunting services, focused on engineering, technology, and IT, are a critical component of successful job hires for California companies hiring in these markets.

Cost of Living In California

A salary is not a stagnant concept. How much someone earns – and the value of those earnings after adjusting for taxes and cost of living—varies across the United States. Cost of living (including housing costs) and taxes, as well as a host of other factors collectively referred to as amenities, all contribute to a worker’s choice about where to move. Thus, the cost-of-living calculation can work both for and against hiring tech people from out of state. Financially, the cost of living the same quality of life in California is expensive when compared to most other places in the U.S. Therefore, as a tech company considering hiring someone from out of state, you must consider how much you would need to compensate a worker for them to be able to maintain the lifestyle they’ve likely grown accustomed to where they’ve been living.

Relocating To California

While the cost of maintaining a certain lifestyle may be much higher in California, some factors can be used, besides financial compensation, to draw potential workers to the state. Research shows that workers value amenities like pleasant weather, clean air, low crime, and proximity to cultural attractions[i]- qualities that describe many parts of California. There are a variety of ways to attract top talent to California. Job descriptions, talent searches, remuneration packages, and interviews can all be strategically designed to incentivize. As a nationwide boutique technical search firm, the team at Integress can work with you to strategically plan every step of the hiring process to ensure the best candidates are drawn to your job opening. Integress provides clarity and insight into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to attracting talent.

Hiring within California

Engineering, tech, and IT are huge industries in California, and many people move to this state specifically for jobs in these industries. However, crafting the ideal talent search is still imperative. As strategic headhunters focused on these industries, Integress can optimize searches to find the right candidate for your specific job and the unique needs of your company. We know that every office is different and there is no one-size-fits-all candidate. Our expertise is in placing people who fit in seamlessly with our client’s unique cultures, offering a white-glove service that is both thorough and efficient.

Changing Dynamics

For other companies headquartered in California, it may be worth considering remote workers. In fact, despite the easing up of restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, many giant technology companies have announced plans to keep their offices largely closed or at limited capacity. Other companies might find that adjusting to a partially in-office, partially at-home work environment might be the right fit for their company moving forward. Integress will take into consideration not only where your company is currently, but what it wants to become when working together to craft the ideal job search. By taking a comprehensive approach in our employee placement we strive to make a comprehensive match. We are confident in our talented team’s ability to find the best candidates that match your businesses’ needs and culture. To find out more, contact us here now.


How to Hire Technical Talent in California
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How to Hire Technical Talent in California
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