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Joe Van Tassel 05 Oct 2020

The Cost of Hiring Poorly!

If you have jobs for engineers, make sure you recruit the right talent. Nearly 75% of companies have reported making at least one bad hire in the past 12 months. When it comes to costly workplace mistakes, few carry as hefty of a price tag as making a wrong hire. A bad hire costs a company an average of $14,900 and up to more than $400,000.[i],[ii] In addition to the financial burden of hiring poorly, the wrong hire leads to decreased productivity and a loss of time associated with needing to recruit, hire, and onboard another worker. Have you actually timed the process out?

What Defines A Bad Hire?

While poor quality of work is the most-cited evidence of a bad hire (54%), a negative attitude is a close second (53%). Other frequently-cited reasons include an ability to work well with others, (remote or in-person) a disconnect between the advertised and required skills and an inability to bridge that disconnect. Bad hires happen for a plethora of reasons. A bad hire is more common when a company feels pressure or urgency to fill a position quickly. Too often, hiring managers are so anxious to put a body in the vacant chair that they overlook candidates’ flaws and end up hiring someone who really doesn’t meet the needs of the job. While an expedited hire does not necessarily lead to a bad hire, it increases the need for smart hiring.

Hiring Well

Smart hiring starts with a clear, concise and comprehensive understanding of the position needs and skillset required. Next, organizations that lack an effective interviewing process much more likely to make a bad hire than those that do have such a process. Every step of the hiring process, done right, is time consuming, which is why delegating this task to a team of experts can be the best move for your company.

Whether you’re looking for an engineer, a developer, someone in technology or IT, hiring well is critical to the success of your company. “For example, at Integress, we know that finding the right developer isn’t just about finding one that writes great code, or even about finding a developer that writes great code quickly” says Joe Van Tassel, President of Integress. He continues to say that, “it’s also about the architectural choices they make and their adaptability”.

Help Hire Well

The best way to avoid a bad hire is to work with a staffing partner, like Integress, to help you find and select the ideal candidate for each job opening. We specialize in Engineering, Technical and I.T. executive searches for permanent positions, as well as temporary or contract employees to help companies scale up. There is no one trick to hiring well across the board. The benefit of hiring Integress is that we treat our clients as though we are an extension of their internal team. We take the time to dig in and understand the relationships within the organization, the culture, and the vision. We deliver your unique characteristics to a targeted candidate pool that is aggregated and qualified just for you.

How to Keep a Good Hire

The right new hire can have a positive effect across your entire company, leading to new business, happy customers, improved teamwork, and more revenue. There are a variety of ways that a company can attract and keep a good hire. For example, strong onboarding processes improve new-hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent. And while the cost of hiring the wrong person can be high, the cost of letting a good worker go is even higher.

At Integress we offer highly strategic engineering headhunting and IT headhunting services for permanent placements. We offer an executive-level quality of search at all levels, with our white glove service handling the search through and through. To tell us about your specific hiring needs and to find out how we can help you find the right fit, contact us here now. We look forward to working with you.

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Do you have jobs for engineers?
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Do you have jobs for engineers?
Are you looking for the right engineering talent for your team? Are you worried about pulling the trigger on a new hire for your company? Read on to find out how expensive just one hiring mistake can really be. These are tips from our engineering headhunting and IT, headhunting teams.
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