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Manufacturing Recruiters | Our Top 6 Fastest Growing Opportunities

Joe Van Tassel 31 Aug 2020

The manufacturing industry is wide and vast when it comes to sectors. There are many ways to work in manufacturing and we help businesses find talent in every different aspect. We find it intensely fascinating to learn about new products coming down the pipeline and staying abreast with industry news and developments in order to best serve our partners.

As a manufacturing recruiter, each of the below sectors stands out in current industry events as being areas that are growing steadily and regularly hiring. We’ve found that new talent acquisition often leads to fast innovation. When it comes to our areas of specialty, such as engineering headhunting, we’ve seen immediate growth, and as a result these areas are becoming more and more competitive, demanding only the best and brightest. It’s in these scenarios that we are able to truly excel and assist companies with strategic growth, finding top talent that serves as an excellent fit for the company culture. Our goal is to help our partners on multiple levels in addition to seeing our placements excel within their field.

Here are the six sectors that we see as being fast growing and currently hiring in the manufacturing industry: 

1. Fabricated Metal

Fabricated metal work is typically comprised of transforming metal into an end product and therefore requires experienced welding, bending, stamping, forming, etc… The exciting aspect of this field of manufacturing lies within machinists that are able to or are being trained to work with robotic automation.

2. Food Products

It may surprise you to know that most of the food products companies in the US are large Fortune 500 companies, however, we work with both small and large food processing and distribution companies. This is an ever-growing sector as many Americans are increasingly choosing to eat and cook at home in light of recent events. This chain reaction has sent the food products sector into overtime. 

3. Plastic and Rubber Manufacturing

The foundation of the plastics and rubber products sub sector of manufacturing involves using raw materials to fabricate textiles and products. We often see plastic replacing rubber, or even the two products being combined. Common jobs within this sector are machine setters, tenders and operators, Managers of Production, first-line supervisors, and many more…

4. Beverages

The beverage sub-sector of manufacturing is unpredictable due to drastic changes in consumer trends and supply chains. The most recent seltzer craze, for example, has shifted the entire beverage industry. This is a great example of the way demand has to dictate supply. While the manufacturing approaches are often similar, there is a lot of change in place constantly when it comes to product development. 

5. Machinery

Although industrial automation may seem like it is dominating the field, there is no shortage of machinery jobs in the US. When describing machinery positions we’re referring to technicians such as industrial machinery mechanics, millwrights installers, etc… that’s aside from the many supervisors and management positions available within the industry as well. Even with automation, machines still require supervision and maintenance, meaning the industry subsector will be alive and well for the foreseeable future. 

6. Wood Products

Cabinetmakers, carpenters, managers of production, machine setters, operators and tenders – all roles that are growing and in high demand because of the American focus on “home”. The need for good talent in the wood product manufacturing space is not waning at all, but is instead evolving to include industrial automation when it comes to fulfillment and parts manufacturing.

One of the benefits of working with manufacturing recruiters specifically is knowing that their network spans all of the above sectors, some of which overlap. In a world and time where job security is at an all-time high, we are so honored to be a part of helping both companies and people find their futures. 

Manufacturing Recruiters | Our Top 6 Fastest Growing Opportunities
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Manufacturing Recruiters | Our Top 6 Fastest Growing Opportunities
The manufacturing industry is wide and vast when it comes to different sectors - read on to find out which are the fastest growing.
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