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Navigating Through Resignations and Restructuring Efforts in 2021

Joe Van Tassel 24 Jul 2021

Are you experiencing a higher level of resignations this year? Some of our professional networks are calling it a post-pandemic issue for employers called the Great Resignation era. Talent being tough to retain and productivity affected. What strategies do you have in place for your technical and engineering teams, do you need help with talent search and recruiting?

Joe Van Tassel, President of Integress

Whether you’re a well-established company or a passionate young start-up, hiring quality engineers and technical talent can be daunting. The post-pandemic challenge for employers is unprecedented with a higher number of people resigning forcing employers and management teams to really restructure their businesses.

Our previous blog in January examined the challenges earlier this year but with the intensity of resignations right across all sectors this is a timely reminder especially in the engineering world to revisit some key aspects of hiring and the importance of having a strategic recruiter as part of your management team.

There are essentially two options when hiring:

  1. You can build a hiring pipeline to discover, interview, and recruit quality candidates.
  2. You can hire a national search team to help in the hiring process.

If you choose option two, there is variety in terms of companies to choose from. Integress Technical & Engineering Recruiters are nationwide, but boutique with white-glove service. Like anything, careful planning and working in partnership with us will result in finding the right talent for your needs. Detailed job specifications coupled with an understanding of your culture is highly critical. If you have come to our website you would already be in the tech or engineering sector – you know that the engineering personality types and the caliber to find good ones are tough. We do this work day in and day out making us highly specialized.

Engineers – Are They In Demand In The USA?

Make no mistake that engineers are the most in-demand professionals in the US. Only 1 in 100 engineers are unemployed. Don’t kid yourself about doing it yourself – or try it yourself first and come to us when you know what hits the fan! One other fact is, engineers are also likely to frequently switch jobs – 50% of all software developers plan on switching jobs in the next year.[i] We help negotiate incentives during the recruiting phase to ensure it is a win-win all around – removing your stress in either hard talks or contingency planning.

Searching For The Right Technical or Engineering Talent!

See our previous blog for more insights HERE

Navigating the Great Resignation Era

  1. Make time to speak with us
  2. Involve our team in all tech or engineering restructuring or reshuffling plans today
  3. Get the right position descriptions and salary packages together, and be ready
  4. Let us do our job as highly specialized recruiters so both employer and employee win all round

Navigating Through Resignations and Restructuring Efforts in 2021
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Navigating Through Resignations and Restructuring Efforts in 2021
Some call it the post-pandemic Great Resignation Era. If you are experiencing this with your tech or engineering teams, we are geared up to assist with recruiting nationwide. Our highly specialized teams recruit only tech and engineering roles.
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