Operations Leader
in San Bernardino County

Operations Leader

$115,000 – $130,000


Location: Ontario, CA


The Operations Leader will be a strategic, big picture thinker that has the skills to plan and execute key operational objectives, support lean and cost saving initiatives, project manage new product development, and ensure the production cycle is efficient and effective from start to finish with special attention to quality and safety.

  • The ideal candidate will be a strategic thinker and problem solver with a collaborative mindset, experience with cross functional work teams, and ability to participate in full and open communication across the organization.
  • Will lead with humility and compassion, bring a willingness to listen, and have an open minded approach.
  • Will have impeccable character, lead by example and contribute to team-based solutions and have a solid record of supporting the organization’s success.
  • Ability to see the big picture and committed to personal growth and honesty in a framework of a professional environment.


A bachelor’s degree in related discipline. Solid management experience in a manufacturing environment, lean principles, quality systems knowledge base, engineering and materials know-how, and professional relationship skills. A self-starter, ability to work in fast paced, always changing environment with uncompromising integrity.


  • Job 1: Learn everything about the company’s products and processes—focus on continuous improvement across responsible areas with high priority on improving processes to ensure key objectives, such as on time delivery and quality are met.
  • Manage and inspire production, purchasing, quality and safety, and shipping personnel and coordinate operations personnel training and evaluations.
  • Participate in the leadership team’s strategic planning, policy making,  and decision making.
  • Coordinate new product development activities and run weekly new products meeting and stage/gate process.
  • Manage facilities, asset additions, equipment maintenance and repair, and dispositions.
  • Organize and ensure the production cycle, from raw materials purchasing to shipping is efficient and delivers to company objectives and target metrics.
  • Efficiently manage and optimize inventories and requirements planning process using the ERP, lean, and other planning tools.
  • Maintain vendors qualification, second sourcing, and cost reduction.
  • Organize and deliver company’s safety and quality systems, including ISO, ensuring corrective actions.
  • Interface with outside regulatory agencies for permitting and compliance.
  • Resolve all operation’s personnel issues with a team approach in coordination with company values and HR and legal requirements.
  • Develop and cross train department personnel to create a flexible workforce.
  • Design and publish dashboard reports, metrics, and leading indicators.
  • Prepare and monitor the annual operations budget.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Deliver continuous improvement of operational performance and cost reduction using best practices and lean principles.
  • Deliver excellent written and communication skills and a sevant mentality disposition and personal accountability with team, customers, and vendors.
  • Lead by uncompromising example, the company’s Key Values and Team Ground Rules.


This is a highly demanding job with key responsibilities. Furthermore, this is a highly rewarding job working closely with the Owner in a team oriented environment.


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