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Optimize Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Automation With Human Capital

Engineering Recruiters for Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Factory Automation
Joe Van Tassel 28 Apr 2020
A Re-Set On Priorities

We recently saw some information about how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact our population’s priorities. There was a list of how people will spend money, and groceries were at the very top. But how do groceries get onto shelves? There’s a long supply chain that involves many trucks, warehouses, people, and processes. Many of which are a bit archaic. 

Robots and Humans In The Workplace

While robotics and automation aren’t a catch all, nor are they always the answer, we (as engineering recruiters) foresee a major shift towards updating the current infrastructure when it comes to consumer goods. As engineers and engineering recruiters, we also foresee humans continuing to be an important part of that process, as opposed to becoming obsolete, like many people worry. Jobs will not go away, they’ll change. Skills will have to change as well, but that is basic evolution. 

To truly take advantage of artificial intelligence, we will need human capital to help optimize it and work alongside it. We will need engineers to make the robots and design the systems, as well as operators and IT professionals. We will still need managers to oversee work and executives to create dynamic strategies, as well as salespeople and service professionals. Various engineering or science-based skills will be in demand, and the key is to find the right talent, personality type and experience that is a fit for your organization.

Too Mature To Start Over, Too Young To Retire

As automation and robotics become in higher demand, the education of upcoming generations will trend in that direction as well. We actually aren’t worried about that at all. However, there is a skills gap that we need to overcome. There are certainly workers right now whose jobs and skills are becoming obsolete, and they’re too far into their career to start over, yet too young to retire. There is the opportunity for those employees to get educated and learn new skills, by volunteering to work with emerging technologies and taking the risk of asking about the future of their work and how they can be a part of that. 

Engineering Recruiters for Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Factory Automation
Is your manufacturing facility trying to optimize the implementation of artificial intelligence, robotics and automation to create better efficiencies?

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Finding the Right Human Capital 

A significant part of optimizing artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation will be in hiring the right talent. There are a few things our team of engineering and technical recruiters feel will be really important to consider. 


Current times are requiring more and more remote workers, which means a lot of self-motivation. People working from home are notorious for losing some hustle, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Seek out employees that have showcased a personal investment in their success. 


There is no change or progress without collaboration. Science and technology have been notorious in the past for trying to work as silos, so individual companies can be heroes. Gone are those days, and now we are finding that the more we can get great minds together, the better. Employees that are open to collaboration as well as flexible to change and pivoting amidst projects will be important. This can be a tough trait to find with engineers!


With emerging technologies there is the mistaken thought that that means recent grads doing all the work. Even if that is the case, we recommend hiring people who have a history of internships, working any job even if outside the profession, and taking on extracurriculars that could have given some great hands-on experience. 

Next Steps For You

Real thinking and breathing people will always be the backbone of innovation in our society. We will always have the ability to enhance and optimize tools, maximizing the world’s potential. Recruit your next set of engineering or technical talent, based on our contingency fee structure and retain the right talent for your business. Contact Us HERE

Optimize Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Automation With Human Capital
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Optimize Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Automation With Human Capital
Recruiting the right talent in artificial intelligence, robotics, and factory automation is an investment. As engineering and technical recruiters, we foresee human skills continuing to be an important part of the optimization of the artificial intelligence processes, as opposed to becoming obsolete as many people worry. Jobs will not go away, they’ll change.
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