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Are you in need of middle and/or senior management who have talent in technical, engineering, and/or IT?

Integress is an experienced nationwide recruiter with offices across the country. Our team of headhunters is very focused on meeting your goals and matching the right talent.

Philadelphia Headhunters Recruiting Technical, Engineering and IT Talent

Philadelphia is the economic hub of Pennsylvania and holds five Fortune 1000 companies. It has one of the strongest economies in the United States, coming in as the 8th largest metropolitan economy in the US. Additionally, the city is the nation’s 4th biggest consumer for the media market. It happens to be a significant biotechnology hub while financial activities account for the largest chunk of the economic sector. The biotechnology industry has increased venture capital investment with a high concentration of highly talented scientists and engineers. Philadelphia has some of the largest pharmaceutical companies that run their logistics and operation in the region. Logistics and manufacturing play a prominent role in these biotech companies, and Integress specializes in those areas. We understand the caliber of professional skills that your company is seeking. Our experts work with all aspects of the manufacturing process from roles ranging from individual contributors to leaders.

The Secret to Technical Recruiting

Integress can offer just that through programs that can help contract manufacturers scale up or down. We take pride in Our qualified experience has enabled us to fill roles across all divisions in a company. Our skills have allowed us to work with numerous emerging and established facilities that give us access to a diverse database of top-tier candidates. Our experiences aid us in picking the perfect match for you from a highly qualified pool of contenders for an array of positions. We understand the rapid growth in the manufacturing world that thrives on technological advancement. At Integress, we work exclusively to find candidates that drive innovation and profitability through their performance and drive. Use our team of experts in Philadelphia to fulfill your staffing requirements. Contact us HERE.

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