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Are you in need of middle and/or senior management who have talent in technical, engineering, and/or IT?

Integress is an experienced nationwide recruiter with offices across the country. Our team of headhunters is very focused on meeting your goals and matching the right talent.

Pheonix, AZ Headhunters Recruiting Technical, Engineering and IT Talent

Phoenix, commonly known as the “Valley of the Sun,” is the capital of Arizona. Once an ancient economy dominated by agriculture, Phoenix is now a center for a service, technology, and tourism-based economy. The manufacturing of electronics, transportation equipment, aerospace, technology, and foodstuffs makes up three-fourths of the jobs in Phoenix. It is also known as the capital of the telecommunications industry. This opens up the job market for IT, engineering and technical roles as Intel has one of their most prominent locations in the city.

Market indicators show that the IT sector is growing in Phoenix, resulting in a demand for highly qualified IT talent in the telecommunications sector. In addition the manufacturing sector contributes to the bulk of the economy.

Integress being a mid to high level executive recruiter can aid in headhunting candidates across all aspects of manufacturing and distribution processes. This includes but isn’t limited to roles such as automation engineers, robotic engineers, data analyst, Chief Technology Officers and much more.

The Secret to Technical Recruiting

At Integress, we acknowledge that the bar is being raised as different industries develop. Our motivated employees are in touch with the shift and have modeled a process to ensure you get employees who fulfill the requirements. It isn’t easy to find the perfect match in a highly competitive market. Our expert negotiation skills and talent attraction tools enable us to pull in only the best candidates for the job. It starts with our headhunters understanding your company culture and hunting the right fit for you. For a no obligation consultation, contact us HERE.

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