Product Solutions Specialist
in San Bernardino County

Product Solutions Specialist

$60,000 – $65,000


Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA


  • This position is part of the client strategy and services department and works closely with all other departments to ensure a successful client experience.
  • Primary objective of this role is to ensure that our clients quoting, and procurement experience is handled promptly, options are communicated efficiently, products are priced competitively, & availability is considered and meets the clients needs.
  • Another objective of this role is to provide support for COMPANY’S’s Support and Client Strategy Teams.
  • This position will provide our teams with product options, product pricing and product availability.
  • This position will also be expected to work with client on a daily basis to determine the correct product fit to solve their technical need.
  • The PSS will work with support teams, Client Strategy team and architecture team to ensure correct solution for COMPANY’S client need.

The Product Solutions Specialist will maintain a consistent schedule to provide the following services:

  • Daily review of new client requests for products, services and subscriptions
  • Consistent communication with clients to clarify needs and options to solve technical need
  • Consistent follow up with clients regarding quotes that have been sent, but not yet approved
  • Develop an understanding of Company’s client base to satisfy ongoing procurement needs
  • Consistently look for ways to provide better solutions and products for our client base – Always be looking for ways to increase value to the client by finding better solutions or saving the client time and money
  • Critically think about the product solution that is being requested – “Is there a better way” should be a question that is asked regarding every request
  • Maintain templates of standard ASCI product recommendations
  • Have a Can-Do Attitude when quoting new products or solutions – Finding the solution and then determine where we can source the solution
  • Make vendor relationships to stay ahead of product availability and maximize promotions for COMPANY’S and our clients
  • Be the product expert for all COMPANY’S product standards – Provide training and updates to the CSS and Architecture teams when there are new product developments and features
  • This role is responsible for ensuring client satisfaction throughout the quoting process. This role is responsible for building trust as the expert on product sourcing and pricing with COMPANY’S clients.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Product Solutions Specialist will be responsible for client interaction throughout the product quoting process. Regular open communication is required for success.
  • Product Solutions Specialist is not responsible for addressing technical issues faced by the client but is responsible for making sure the products/parts needed to address technical challenges are quoted to the client quickly and at a competitive price.
  • Responsible for critically thinking about product quote requests from the COMPANY’S client base. This means reaching out the clients directly to verify understanding of the request and the need the client is attempting to solve. This also means reviewing client specific environment configurations to ensure validity of the product/solution requested. This also means that the Product Solutions Specialist will need to have the technical capacity to review technical product configurations and specifications to determine the proper product solution fit.
  • Responsible for building relationships with decision makers at COMPANY’S clients.
  • Will be introduced to new clients by the Client Strategy team as the product/licensing expert. Introductions to existing client base will happen organically as the Product Solutions Specialist processes daily product quote requests.
  • Needs to be comfortable reaching out to new COMPANY’S client contacts every day.
  • Responsible for maintaining product margin targets while always providing competitive pricing for our clients.
  • Responsible for maintaining client requests via COMPANY’S’s ticketing system.
  • The goal will be to provide quotes/solutions quickly and at a competitive price.
  • The Product Solutions Specialist should strive to increase the percentage of clients that purchase hardware and licensing from COMPANY’S. The Product Solutions Specialist should also strive to increase the overall percentage of quotes approved to the quotes sent by building a trusted relationship with the COMPANY’S client base.
  • The goal of the Product Solutions Specialist is to become the technology procurement hub for the entirety of the COMPANY’S client base.
  • Responsible for attending COMPANY’S huddles and meetings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Responsible for participating in an integrated team of service delivery professionals. Working within this team approach is critical to the success of this position
  •  Communication between and across teams is critical to providing the client with a superior service experience.

The following duties and responsibilities are essential for this position:

  • Maintain consistent communication to the client; interface with senior members of the client organization and decision makers
  • Set and manage client expectations with regards to price, availability, and feature sets
  • Review and suggest improvements to products and solutions
  • Communicate status of open quotes and maintain follow up communication with COMPANY’S clients
  • Work with Client Strategy and Elite Support teams to ensure proper solution are quoted for COMPANY’S clients

Qualifications and Requirements

Education and Soft Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher strongly preferred in Information Systems & Technology and/or Business Administration
  • Account management & business process experience required
  • 5+ years of experience in IT/IS related field
  • Experience working in a fast-paced technology environment
  • High comfort level with verbal and written communication with senior leadership positions
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong ability to manage time effectively in a dynamic environment
  • Good analytic and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work successfully with an integrated support team

Preferred Qualifications/Certifications

Current technical sales certifications with one or more of the following: Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, WatchGuard Technologies & Xirrus

Performance Requirements

  • Maintains knowledge required to perform the Product Solutions Specialist position. Continuously increases knowledge in fields of Microsoft licensing / subscriptions.
  • Continuously increases knowledge around products and solutions that make up COMPANY’S’s standard product/solution mix
  • Works effectively with other members of the organization to understand client issues and in turn relay the solutions to decision makers.
  • Participates in daily huddles and weekly team meetings with Client Strategy and Success staff.
  • Participates in developing procedures and suggesting improvements to existing procedures.
  • Documents all contact with the systems or clients in the trouble-ticketing application and updates all information within the client knowledge base as appropriate.


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