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San Diego Technical Recruiter

Are you in need of middle and/or senior management who have talent in technical, engineering, and/or IT?

Integress is an experienced nationwide recruiter with offices in Southern California and Chicago. Our team of headhunters is very focused on meeting your goals and matching the right talent.

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San Diego is California’s second-largest city and home to the busiest international land border in the world: San Ysidro Port of Entry. San Diego’s economic power stems from military and defense activities, tourism, international trade, research, and, most importantly, manufacturing. It is the center point for many national defense contractors contributing to the continued rapid growth of the military infrastructure in San Diego. The defense and military sector is the driving force behind the San Diego economy and provides 235 of the total jobs in the economy as of 2020. Major wireless cellular technology companies reside here, such as the headquarters for Nokia, LG Electronics, Kyocera International, and Novatel Wireless. More than 400 Biotech companies have pushed growth immensely in the biotechnology sector of the economy, making San Diego an ideal center for technical and engineering talent.

San Diego companies looking for talent have many attractive lifestyle benefits and it is a hub that both domestic and national candidates crave. Be it IT, engineering, data analytics or manufacturing based roles the location offers a pull factor for talent acquisition.

The Secret to Technical Recruiting

At Integress, we take pride in our ability to utilize strategic headhunting and recruiting techniques that help you find the perfect candidate. Our expertise lies in understanding your company and finding an ideal match. Integress enables you to fulfill your short-term projects efficiently and with confidence by allowing us to help you hire. Our process ensures that applicants are heavily screened, and that personality and drive are critical components in the hiring consideration phase. Results have shown that these two factors yield the highest satisfaction among professional relationships we have built. We specialize in senior appointments and can headhunt individuals nationwide. To get started, click HERE

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