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HR Tips: Do It Yourself or Engage With Integress Technical & Engineering Recruiters

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Joe Van Tassel 03 Jan 2021

Whether you’re a well-established company or a passionate young start-up, hiring quality engineers and technical talent can be daunting. Demand for engineers is at an all-time high, unemployed engineers are few and far between, and these two facts make finding your next perfect hire incredibly difficult. There are essentially two options when hiring:

  1. You can build a hiring pipeline to discover, interview, and recruit quality candidates.
  2. You can hire a national search team to help in the hiring process.

If you choose option two, there is variety in terms of companies to choose from. Integress Technical & Engineering Recruiters are nationwide, but boutique with a white glove service. This means our expertise is in placing people who fit in seamlessly with each client’s unique culture, offering a service that is both thorough and efficient. As a technical search firm specializing in identifying talent in the manufacturing, industrial automation, distribution/ materials handling, and IT fields, we bring experience, expertize, and quality. So for example if you are looking for a mechanical engineer, robotics engineer, automation engineer or process engineer, you are in good hands with our team.


Engineers are the most in-demand professionals in the US. Only 1 in 100 engineers are unemployed. This can make a search daunting before it’s even begin. However, engineers are also likely to frequently switch jobs – 50% of all software developers plan on switching jobs in the next year.[i] This means that if you know where to look, and how to recruit, you should be able to find an ideal candidate. However, knowing where to look, and what incentives to use when recruiting, is not necessarily intuitive.

The Hunt

You may have a solid idea of what you’re looking for, but how do you get the attention and interest of the best of the best? Recruiting has a lot to do with sales, demand is high and supply is low, so how do you sell your company to the best candidates while simultaneously prioritizing quality in engineering candidates and technical talent? Done effectively, and comprehensively, recruiting is a full time job. And it may be a job you’d like to outsource for efficiency and increased productivity. Integress Engineering and Technical Recruiters offers highly strategic head hunting so that your company can experience an executive-level quality of search at the individual and management level. Notably, Integress Engineering and Technical Recruiters is able to tap into the 75% of the workforce not actively looking for a new role, but best suited for one, and from there lead the process with integrity and honesty throughout.


Whether you work with an expert in engineering and IT headhunting like Integress Engineering and Technical Recruiters, or try the process on your own, it’s important to keep in mind what attracts talent beyond a competitive salary. For this reason, you should consider opportunity, challenges, and community. Opportunity, thinking about the future, is important for many in the field of engineering and IT. Engineers need to know they’ll be making an impact, and will be moving forward in their career—both in terms of skills and finances. Challenges offer an opportunity for engineers to grow and learn throughout their career. Finally, a good community is a place where ideas and individuals are valued and supported. Interestingly, over 50% of engineers say they would take less pay to work for a company with a fantastic culture or brand.[ii]

These sorts of tips and knowledge are what an established company like Integress Engineering and Technical Recruiters can bring to the hiring process. Our approach as a technical search firm is culture-minded to find the actual best match for your environment. We get to know your company culture and then evaluate and screen each candidate before submitting the top 25% of job candidates for your company’s review. Once a candidate is submitted we handle everything from there: scheduling, difficult conversations, reviews, negotiations, etc. We’ve developed our process gradually over nearly two decades of experience in the technology recruiting arena and by utilizing our streamlined process we’re able to deliver you qualified and dedicated candidates with no hassle to your company.



HR Tips: Do It Yourself or Engage With Integress Technical & Engineering Recruiters
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HR Tips: Do It Yourself or Engage With Integress Technical & Engineering Recruiters
Large and small companies alike, hiring quality engineers and technical talent can be daunting. Be it senior positions or executives, we provide technical search and placement nationwide. No upfront fees and overall cost savings with a dedicated team working in partnership with your team.
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