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Honesty and transparency are our primary focuses because your success is our success.

Integress is a boutique technical search firm specializing in identifying talent in the manufacturing, industrial automation, distribution/ materials handling, and IT fields. Our expertise is in placing people who fit in seamlessly with our client’s unique cultures, offering a white-glove service that is both thorough and efficient. We hire all roles from individual contributors to technical leaders, and truly feel that we are helping improve the lives around us by connecting the right people with the right companies. By taking a comprehensive approach in our employee placement we strive to make a comprehensive match.  

We love working in emerging and growing industries like industrial automation because it challenges us and our clients to stay true to what the demands of the market are.  With over 20 collective years of experience as engineering and IT headhunters, we strive to be the best in the business, putting long term success at the forefront. That’s what makes us unique. There’s nothing transactional here. 

When it comes to the different verticals that we serve, we’re eager to stay abreast with industry trends and can cater to new and emerging markets. With partnerships and placements in almost every industry, we’re confident in finding the best candidates that match your businesses’ needs and culture. We also have extensive experience making placements in highly regulated industries such as aerospace, medical device manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. We’re also comfortable curating candidates at all levels of experience and operations. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated operations manager or a highly specialized programming engineer, we’re able to utilize our extensive network of highly qualified candidates to fill your role quickly and with the utmost satisfaction.

Having over two decades of experience in the technology industry, we have recognized the shift in hiring dynamics that have transformed the way companies acquire new talent. Highly competitive markets have led to a shrinking pool of qualified and eligible applicants making the search for experienced and dedicated professionals more difficult every year. Our recruiters at Integress specialize in attracting and identifying exceptional applicants and are able to leverage our resources and abilities to take the pressure of hiring off of our clients. We’re capable of speeding up your team growth to meet the increasing demand and expectation of manufacturing, industrial automation, logistics/materials handling, and IT companies. As a strategic partner, we aim to free up our clients’ attention back developing their product and company and away from the overwhelming cost of talent search and acquisition.

Our DEI Statement

At Integress we value all voices, backgrounds, interests, cultures, and beliefs. We see firsthand how beneficial an accepting and dynamic diversity, equity, and inclusion policy is not just in theory, but truly in action. We are proud to embody inclusive principles within our own company as well as seek out and encourage the businesses that we work with to do the same, with diversity and equity at all levels. The standard measure of a business’s success goes far beyond profits and can be seen more clearly in the happiness and integrity of their workforce – the ability for employees to thrive as unique individuals who feel safe, seen, appreciated, and heard. 

It’s fairly easy to find a technical match for the role you’re filling, but the cultural fit is what makes the difference. That’s our specialty. It’s like professional match-making, and it matters.” – Principal, Joe Van Tassel

Our Why

Integress was founded out of the commitment to building a business around integrity, happiness, and hard work that helps others. Integrity is the backbone of our business model, and the value that leads all of our work and partnerships. Alongside that is having a dedication to happy lives, which we believe guides you to think with positivity, possibility, and solutions first.  Hard work is something we are made of, which yields the best-aligned results for our partners – something you can’t do unless you truly love your work.

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Engineering and Technical Recruiters / Headhunters
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Are you looking to expand your engineering or technical team in order to compete in a growing and competitive market? We have a database of various engineers and technical talent and we understand what goes into building the best teams for manufacturing, industrial automation, logistics/materials handling, IT businesses. Let us do the heavy lifting and find you the perfect candidate for your high level roles. Try us today.

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