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Manufacturing Recruiters

We work with people that manufacture products here in the US and with their production facilities nationwide. We work in different industries that are highly regulated like aerospace, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries, as well as consumer products, raw materials, plastics, machining, electronics, automation, and more. Not only do we work in new product development / design, but also in the production / operation of those products and quality assurance. Essentially we work within all aspects of the manufacturing process, and with all roles from individual contributors to leaders.

We are a nationwide recruiting firm with a strong database of engineering and technical candidates from across the country. We have helped many manufacturers with a range of engineering talent. 

About Our Manufacturing Recruitment Services

Our extensive experience in US the manufacturing industry has granted us the knowledge and nuance necessary to fulfill roles within almost every division within engineering, technical, and I.T. departments. Having involvement at the fore of new and emerging manufacturing ventures as well as contact with highly established facilities has allowed us to compile a vast database of candidates spanning many disciplines. We can not only utilize this database to create a shortlist based on your requirements, but discreetly contact connections within industry leaders in order to field for opportunities within your own organization.

At Integress, we’re adept at placing positions at all rungs of the ladder – from executive roles to middle management and technicians alike – we understand the mechanisms, structure, and culture required to build lasting companies. Having been the driver of foundational growth for so many prominent industry leaders, we’re confident in our ability to help structurally overhaul organizations in this time of change.

From Quality Engineer to Director of Engineering, Our Quality Placements Last

While Integress precisely fulfills the role of multi-faceted recruiting and headhunting, our strength lies in a deeper understanding of the foundational makeup of the companies we partner with. We deliver outstanding temporary and permanent roles by understanding the perspective and difficulties of team building from a Human Resources (H.R.) perspective as well as knowing the organizational hardships of middle management and executive leadership. We excel at placing within highly specialized industries such manufacturing, robotics, and automation across a variety of sectors.

One of the driving forces of today’s manufacturing industry is the necessity to bring jobs back to the USA – with the flexibility and deep understanding of individual company culture we’ve had the privilege of being a driver of engineering and technical job placements throughout all 50 states. In an era of incredible manufacturing advancement, one of the values we use to determine the effectiveness of an eligible candidate is the potential to drive further innovation and profitability through passion and performance.

Many generalized recruiters are able to recruit within quick turn-around and low regulation industries such as consumer products. However, these placements are exactly that – generalized and non-specific to the needs of your company. Having worked under extremely high levels of regulation and candidate requirements within a highly combative field such as the aerospace industry, we can quickly discern between a green recruit who will enhance production and an experienced candidate who may act as a bottleneck to the pipeline.

While undergoing our engineering recruitment search we can also take other considerations into account such as QMS management skills, level of potential for industry innovation, as well as previous milestones and achievements within a given discipline.

Aside from generalized manufacturing, we’ve specialized in a number of additional subsects of the field such as medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, aerospace and defense manufacturing, as well as consumer products. We have a great program to help contract manufacturers scale up or down when it comes to permanent and contract staffing requirements as well.

Medical Device Engineering & Manufacturing

The medical device sector is one of several complicated and multi-faceted industries that we’ve placed within, from research and development to manufacturing. In addition to a prerequisite knowledge of candidate experience and skillset, we can navigate the astounding number of regulations medical device manufacturers must contend with. Having a history with the FDA and CGMP (current good manufacturing processes) in addition to device specific government mandated policies, you can trust Integress to meet the quality and regulation requirements the medical device industry commands.

Our prior recruitments span from every level of class (I, II, and III), including quality engineers who are able to strategically manage QMS (Quality Management Systems) according ISO 13485 requirements. We’ve assisted the drive of innovation through product development engineers who have gone on to become the first to bring products to market and improved management through placement of manufacturing managers. We’ve also helped drive growth with public facing teams through the tactical employment of experienced Sales Engineers.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

In addition to medical device manufacturing we’ve also assisted the growth of numerous pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. With our in-depth understanding of FDA and CGMP regulations, we’ve helped drive the expansion of both processing and software departments. Our placements include processing engineers, validation engineers, software validation engineers, and numerous other production and quality oversight positions.

Aerospace and Defense

The Aerospace and Defense sector is notorious for long development processes and extensive regulations – in addition to following industry regulation, we are equally adept at background screenings and security protocols. Having had extensive experience working with the Department of Defense and U.S. Military, we’re able to expedite the recruiting process when compared to other technology headhunting firms.

We’ve fulfilled a number of mechanical engineering roles and scouted valuable talent within the aerospace and defense industry. We’ve placed into positions such as missile tracing and targeting software engineers, project managers, and software architects.

Consumer Products

When it comes to consumer products, we’re well-versed in the needs of supply chain and R&D. We’ve helped facilitate corporate growth through team expansion and sales reinforcement. We’ve worked within numerous subsects of the consumer products industry including industrial automation, vision systems, and robotics.

Contract Manufacturers

In addition to having worked with many industry leaders falling under the purview of the above industries, we’ve also partnered with a number of contract manufacturing companies spanning those same industries and more. We know the marketplace is ever-changing which is why we work to find manufacturing roles for both high volume contract manufacturer and small volume job shops. This includes electronic contract manufacturers, CNC machining shops, laboratories, food and beverage contractors, and many more.

Recent Placements: 

  • VP / Director / Manager of Research & Development Engineering
  • Vice President of Operations / Director / Manager of Operations
  • VP / Director / Manager of Engineering
  • VP / Director / Manager of Manufacturing
  • VP / Director / Manager of Production
  • VP / Director / Manager of Quality
  • VP / Director / Manager of Supply Chain
  • President
  • Plant Manager
  • General Manager
  • Product Development Engineers
  • R&D Engineers
  • Designers
  • Drafter
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Operational Excellence Engineer
  • Tooling Engineer
  • Director of PM0
  • Quality Engineer
  • Quality Inspector
  • Validation Engineer
  • Quality Assurance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Test Engineer
  • Buyer / Planner
  • Material Planning
  • Director of Operations
  • Regional Operations Manager
  • Manufacturing Engineer

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