Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Recruiter

Aside from our extensive experience in the medical device manufacturing field, we’ve also been the driver of expansion and progress for countless pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. Oftentimes pharmaceuticals involve complex processes and wait times due to their FDA approval process which can eat up valuable company resources. When finding ideal candidates for the industry there are some key identifiers that help a candidate stand out in the eyes of recruiters and company management alike. Flexibility, detail, and focus on the end product are 3 integral traits for any potential pharmaceutical manufacturing employee.

It’s of added important to be able to whether the pressure of changing goals and approvals as well as the ability to wear multiple handles and transition seamlessly from one project and product to another. Culturally, it’s important that any recruit is adds to the morale of a company culture and possesses a level of talent that will allow them to evolve with the market in a professional capacity. The ability to withstand the frustration of lengthy approval processes is key to any level of position within the industry. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and understanding of FDA and CGMP regulation, we’re able to place within the pharma with the technical precision that is required for any candidate.

In conjunction with our placements we’ve been the driving force behind growth, process streamlining, and software department overhauls. Some lasting and successful placements we’ve achieved in the sector of pharmaceutical companies in processing engineers, validation engineers, software validation engineers, as well as a slew of other quality control, oversight, and production roles.

With offices in Southern California and Chicago, we are able to search and place talent for various pharmaceutical companies throughout the USA. We also work with International companies who either have or are expanding their operations in the USA. We are able to facilitate virtual interviews and will act on your behalf, in partnership with the decisions that work best for your business.

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Recent placements:

  • Manager/Director/VP of Product Development
  • Manager/Director/VP of Operations
  • Product Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Manager/Director/VP of Manufacturing
  • Manager/Director/VP of Quality
  • Quality Engineer
  • Quality Inspector
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Manager of LIMS
  • Risk Assessment Manager
  • EDMS Manager
  • Software Validation
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Controls Engineer
  • Buyer/Planner
  • Plant Manager

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