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Are you searching for top engineering, technical, and IT talent in Cincinnati, Columbus, or even Cleveland? Integress is an experienced boutique white glove recruiting firm that specializes in making long-lasting and effectives placements within your company. We can help you quickly grow and pivot to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

Ohio Engineering Recruiter | Ohio Technical Recruiter

Cincinnati comprises the largest economy in the state of Ohio. The manufacturing and finance sector make up over 18% of Ohio’s gross domestic product – the state also has the third largest manufacturing industry directly behind California and Texas. It’s also one of the leading states for the bioscience sector. In addition research shows that it is the largest producers of rubber, electrical equipment, fabricated metals, and plastics. Ohio’s manufacturing sector alone is the third-largest when compared to all other fifty United States in terms of GDP. Some of the major companies that are headquartered in Ohio include Procter & Gamble, Goodyear Tire, AK Steel, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Wendy’s.

Ohio is also home to some of the top-ranking school nationally including Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University, Bowling Green State University, and Miami University. All of these nationally renowned schools supply local industry with a steady stream of talent in the fields of bioscience, medical manufacturing, and more.

Ohio IT Recruiter

If you’re looking for the right information technology a.k.a. IT talent for your Ohio based company, finding an experiencing IT and engineering technical recruiter is the best method of finding skilled experts for you industry. We offer recruiting services covering a wide number of industries including IT, engineering, manufacturing, distribution/materials handling, and many other technical and engineering verticals. We go as far as recruiting tough to recruit positions like cybersecurity experts. As a boutique technical recruiter we offer the promise of freeing up your company resources while assisting in sustainable expansion. We want to free up your resources to focus on pivoting and organizational development that is required of every industry at this point in time. We hire at all levels, whether you’re looking for a hands-on technician, middle or upper management, we’re adept at pulling talent from all around the country and utilize our negotiation tactics. We do so while keeping a keen eye towards your workplace culture ensuring a perfect fit for your company.  If you find yourself wading through a pool of unqualified candidate, contact Integress today and access our connected resources and talent in the technical, engineering and IT industries. Contact us HERE.

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