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Are you in need of experienced IT and engineering talent in the great Indianapolis area? Integress is an experienced nationwide recruiter that can make lasting and effective placements to help your company quickly grow and pivot in a highly competitive market.

Indianapolis Engineering Recruiter | Indianapolis Technical Recruiter

Indianapolis is the state capital and most populated city within the US state of Indiana. The overall population of Indianapolis and its larger county are estimated to be 886,220. In 2015 Indianapolis’ gross domestic product totaled 134 billion, making it one of the major hubs for finance, manufacturing, business services, education, health care, and wholesale trade. All of these industries require experienced talent in the areas of production and technical support in order to truly thrive in such a large marketplace. We help by cherry picking the best candidates for your technical needs and company culture. Scientific and technical services, as well as transportation and warehousing, made up some of the leading industries while pharmaceuticals, vehicle parts, and medical equipment made up the largest exports. We’ve made placements in almost all of these sectors and are closely familiar with the restrictions and experience needed for production, development, and manufacturing.

Indianapolis, Indiana IT Recruiter

When it comes to finding top talent for your Indianapolis based company, it’s key to find an experienced engineering, IT, and technical recruiter that holds an expertise in your individual field. Integress covers a number of industry verticals including IT, manufacturing, engineering, distribution/materials handling, and many more niches within the engineering and technical space. As a white glove technical search recruiter our primary objective is to free up your company resources to focus on the important measures of growth and strategy that are key to your growth. As an Indianapolis technical recruiter we can help you hire the best local talent for your most in-demand roles on a temporary or permanent basis. We hire at all levels of company structure, from on the ground technicians to executive management. We’re also experienced in pulling non-local talent and negotiating relocation packages, competitive terms, and more. We make our placements not only with a keen eye towards technical skill but with the mindset of your individual company culture. If you’re looking for a large pool of qualified candidates, contact Integress as your Indianapolis technical, engineering, and IT recruiter. Contact us HERE

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