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Talent within the cybersecurity space is scarce with a real race on obtaining the best talent for different employer types. As information technology increases in importance as a backbone to all business platforms, cybersecurity is absolutely critical in protecting business information, privacy of both staff and individuals and most importantly data and information. The risk of hiring the wrong cybersecurity expert is simply putting the lifeline of your business in possible lawsuits, loss of earnings and overall dysfunction. Investing in the right talent is not only the right thing to do but a tough thing to achieve. Forming a partnership with our team of recruiters and headhunters becomes crucial because we have the expertise to scrutinize, headhunt and bring you the best latent for the specific requirements of your business.

We are confident in our ability to recruit cybersecurity experts as we’re constantly meeting the challenge of a demand that is outpacing the number of talented individuals who are available in the market. The talent is sought-after competitively so it’s imperative that our company clients understand what they have to offer. We will walk you through the necessary steps involved to uncover how your business can attract top talent in an industry that is growing exponentially.

Integress is a boutique recruiting and headhunting firm that specializes in everything engineering, technical and IT. Cybersecurity falls under the umbrella of IT but we see it as a specialty sector in its’ own right. Talent in the cybersecurity field is varied from entry level, mid-tier executives and senior roles. We understand the various talent levels, salary requirements and can guide your business with the respective areas to put your case in front of the right candidates.

With office locations in Southern California and Chicago, our team are geared to hunt down the best talent in Cybersecurity throughout the USA. We can also assist International companies with office locations in the USA with remote interviews and virtual recruiting. It is imperative for companies with international IT infrastructures to retain talent with that type of experience. For more information please contact us HERE.

Recent placements:

  • Security Administrator
  • Security Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Architect
  • Solutions Consultant
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Securtity Engineer
  • Information Security (InfoSec) Engineer
  • CISO (Chief Information Secirity Officer)
  • Penetration Test Engineer

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