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If you are in the Kansas City area and seeking talent in the engineering and technical fields, Integress can handle the entire hiring process as your Kansas technical and engineering recruiter.

Kansas City Engineering Recruiter | Kansas City Technical Recruiter

Kansas City is the largest Missouri city in both land mass and population. Government services account for the top employer in Kansas City while financial services, transportation and distribution, and eCommerce are some of its other strengths. Manufacturing employs over 100,000 individuals in Kansas City and is the number four city for manufacturing job growth in the United States according to Forbes magazine. Both Ford and General Motors have operations in the area and one of the largest drug manufacturing plants in the country is located in Kansas City as well. Additionally, as a centrally located city showcasing an intersection of four major interstate highways, it is a prime hub for logistics and distribution. With such a heavy manufacturing and logistics presence, a Kansas City engineering and technical recruiter is an essential partner for companies needing to hire talent. With a nationwide reach, Integress offers a large pool of attractive candidates and specializes in connecting the right hire to the right company.

Kansas City IT Recruiter

As an experienced Kansas City engineering and technical recruiter, Integress understands the ins and outs of your unique industry. Offering service to the manufacturing, industrial automation, logistics and material handling, and information technology industries, we streamline the process of acquiring new talent with our white glove placement of both permanent and temporary hires. We have matched sales engineers, quality oversight positions, aerospace CEOs, plant managers, and more through our nationwide talent sourcing and recruiting. Integress prides itself on presenting not just the right technical candidates, but the candidates who also fit a company’s unique culture. We handle the full scope of hiring, from screenings to background checks to negotiations, as a Kansas City engineering and technical recruiter. To access your next great hire, contact Integress HERE

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