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Topeka Technical Recruiter

If your Topeka business is needing to fill technical and engineering roles, Integress offers headhunting and recruiting services in a variety of industries. As a Topeka IT and engineering search firm, we offer a streamlined, articulate hiring process to find the right talent for your company.

Topeka Engineering Recruiter | Topeka Technical Recruiter

Topeka is the capital of Kansas and ranks the fifth most populous city in the state. Its economy is based on industries such as government services, manufacturing, education, health and social services. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is its largest insurance employer while transportation and warehousing account for nearly 6% of Topeka industry. With this weight in the manufacturing and logistics areas, Topeka companies utilize Integress technical and engineering recruiting and headhunting services as the fastest route to acquiring top talent in Kansas and nationwide. With experience in placing talent in roles from Director or temporary hires in industries ranging from aerospace manufacturing to cybersecurity, we are familiar with the specialized needs of these companies and offer a detailed process as a Topeka engineering and technical recruiter.

Topeka IT Recruiter

As a part of our strategic headhunting services, Integress places importance on understanding a client’s culture and goals to deliver a lineup of prime candidates for a client’s positions. With our deeply involved process in Topeka engineering, IT, and technical recruiting, we offer boutique white glove service that focuses on a positive outcome for all parties involved. If you are looking to place permanent roles such as a Manager of Logistics, a Warehouse Manager, and Engineers or seeking temporary role fulfillment, Integress can handle the entire hiring process. We conduct interviews, provide background checks, handle negotiations, and can even run payroll for short term hires as your Topeka technical and engineering recruiter. To find the right fit for your IT or engineering role, contact Integress HERE.  

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