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At Integress we understand the importance of a tightly scheduled development cycle as it relates to consumer products manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Being first to market is one of the most important indicators of market success which is why we value speed and accuracy among other key factors in our consumer product industry talent. One of Integress’ areas of specialty is differentiating between individuals who are an ideal fit for roles that require a keen eye for design and aesthetics versus those that are extremely detail-oriented and driven by creative ownership. Often the right fit for a consumer products engineer includes a strong understanding and compliance with the overall project objective as opposed to the specific product being developed or manufactured.

In addition to our experience identifying skills-based talent vs individual personality types, we also hold a deep understanding of the needs of consumer product supply chains as well as R&D. We’ve been the driver of growth for countless team expansions and sales reinforcement directives within the consumer products industry as well as industrial automation, vision systems, and robotics. Whether a placement is temporary or a long-term addition to the team, we place with compatibility and company culture in mind. We specialize in helping highly competitive markets with dwindling talent pools by drawing on our database of eligible and highly qualified recruits in addition to pulling on talent that may otherwise be non-negotiable or non-available.

Because of the constant evolving and innovative approaches taken during product development it’s important to have strategic partnerships to draw on when talent acquisition becomes a primary objective. Our value proposition stems from the idea of being able to scale quickly and be provided with the right candidates required for highly specific delegations. Saving your company time and resources while raising the caliber of potential matches helps our partners bring products to market faster and more efficiently while saving on cost and budget. If you’re feeling a shortage of capable candidates within your sector contact us today to find out how we can help. Contact us for more information HERE.

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  • Manager/Director/VP of Operations
  • Plant Manager

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