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Are you in need of middle and/or senior management who have talent in technical, engineering, and/or IT?

Integress is an experienced nationwide recruiter with offices across the country. Our team of headhunters is very focused on meeting your goals and matching the right talent.

Michigan Headhunters Recruiting Technical, Engineering and IT Talent

Detroit is an important cultural center home to vibrant music, art, and architecture paired with its rich historical automotive background. The city holds the second-largest regional economy in the Midwest and is the center of the US automobile industry. Detroit has headquarters for the “Big Three” automobile manufacturers, including General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis North America making it a hot spot for the automobile industry. Detroit’s most heavily concentrated economic sectors are manufacturing, finance, technology, and healthcare, all of which require top IT and engineering candidates. The rapid growth in construction activity in Detroit has sparked the demand for engineers, and Integress can help you find a candidate by customizing the search to the unique environment of our client’s company. We ensure that your company fosters an environment that attracts the top candidates by giving them opportunities to grow and learn continuously. We specialize in headhunting engineers for both executive and long-term employees through our white-glove service.

The Secret to Technical Recruiting

IntegresAt Integress, we take pride in our transparency and honesty while finding the right candidate for you. With a high demand for engineers, we look at all factors, including putting a great emphasis on experience and skill. Retaining good talent is crucial for companies to grow and be productive. Interest follows through with new hires to ensure companies are maintaining their top engagements by providing constructive feedback during the hiring process. We are here to find the “cream of the crop” engineering talent for your company. We offer the opportunity for engineering project managers to consult with our engineering recruiters to ensure they are attracting the best candidates. Pair up with our staffing company in Detroit to find the perfect hire for your company. Contact us HERE.

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