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Permanent Placement

At Integress our top priority is to find you long-term talent that is a perfect fit. We offer recruiting services for management, individual contributors, as well as temps. 

Do You Need A Recruiter Who Will Understand Your Needs, Goals and Business Culture?

A benefit of hiring Integress is that we treat our clients as though we are an extension of their internal team. We take the time to dig in and understand the relationships within the organization, the culture, and the vision. We deliver your unique characteristics to a targeted candidate pool that is aggregated and qualified just for you. 

We know that life is all about relationships and building strong relationships within our clients industry, and with candidates as well. No matter the outcome of any candidate interaction, we always part ways with positivity and a door open to future opportunities. 

Strategic Headhunting Services

We do highly strategic headhunting for permanent placements. It’s an executive-level quality of search at all levels, with our white glove service handling the search through and through. We strive to achieve win-win in all circumstances and recognize how incredibly busy our clients are. Our value-add is to save you time. Time is the ultimate unrenewable resource. We like to relieve all the stress and the time-suck of a clunky process. We screen numerous candidates, whittle that down to three to five people, do prep calls, scheduling, offers, starting information, background checks, salary negotiations, etc. You no longer have to deal with flaky interviewees, reading resumes, asking boring questions, and overall uncertainty with candidates. We take the pain of hiring off your hands and get talent that is ready to sign and start. 

Integress Differentiators

In all searches we can guarantee that our recruiting will include the following: 

White Glove Service

Managing the search from start to finish, with all-inclusive processes from resume evaluation to background checks. 

Brand Representation

We work hard to uphold the integrity and message of your brand and deliver an excellent experience to all candidates that enter our process, whether hired or not.  

Pool of Pre-Qualified Candidates

We are able to pull from our pool of candidates that have all been reviewed by us personally and are ready to make a move and invest time in the process. 

Nationwide Search Capabilities

No matter where your headquarters and business is located, we can fill your role. 

International Company Supplementation

We help international companies looking to set up offices in America get started with a strategic advantage and hiring in the U.S.

Focus on Happiness and Integrity

Our process is always happiness first. What will create a happier work environment and a happier quality of life for all parties? All the while with the utmost integrity which means transparency and hard work always.


I had an awesome experience from start to finish working with the Integress team. I was a Senior Manager at my previous employer, so it took a lot of work for Dave from Integress to convince me to give their client a chance, knowing I would start off as an individual contributor. I am very thankful that I did and am so happy in this new role! Dave was very patient with me during the entire process, I felt like he genuinely had my interests in mind and really wanted what was best for me. I hope to use Integress in the future for all my hiring needs, they are excellent partners that go above and beyond in the entire recruitment process.

Erwin: Sr. Manager, IT & Business Systems
Sr. Manager, IT & Business Systems

Joe at Integress pretty much built our team of high performing engineers. When others passively sent resumes, Joe handpicked candidates and the end results were new hires within weeks, many who are still with the company today. Over the years we’ve come to rely on him to find talent.

Andy: Cloud Engineering & Global Telecommunication Manager
Cloud Engineering & Global Telecommunication Manager

Integress differentiates their services by taking the time to understand our culture, technical and commercial competencies required for each role, and transparency throughout the recruiting process. They have successfully placed a number of high performers that have moved up in our organization. They have a knack for finding strong candidates and make the interviewing process streamlined and efficient for us and the candidate. Joe is a strong leader that has built out a high performing team at Integress.

Eric: Senior Regional Sales Manager
Senior Regional Sales Manager

I’ve been privileged to work with the Integress team on multiple HR and IT searches. I greatly appreciate that they’ve taken the time to first understand our company culture and then to find matches that will benefit both the company as well as the candidate. I have been impressed with the quality of the candidate pool they presented in each search. I’ve also benefitted from the company’s character. We had an acute need to fill and when Integress didn’t feel they could adequately address it—rather than attempt to fill it in order to earn a commission—they referred us to a competitor in the space to meet the need. That is one example of the way they conduct business that will keep me enthusiastically coming back to Integress. I consider Joe Van Tassel and the Integress team to be both a trusted advisor and a strategic business partner and I will continue to rely on them in the future as the need arises.

Brian: CFO

Outstanding experience. Dave, Dennis, Joe and the whole team were fantastic! They are truly EXPERTS at what they do – they are big enough to have “reach” but small enough that service is totally personal. It started with Joe (the principal). On our very first call, he listened intently, asked questions and genuinely wanted to know what our company needed. I believe that call lasted an hour or so. Our company had VERY specific requirements and Joe understood that clearly. All of this happened BEFORE we had any agreement in place or he had even talked about costs or fees. In other words, Integress places clients ahead of a quick profit. After that, his team executed – period. They found us our PERFECT candidate, helped us through onboarding every step of the way, and were flexible, patient, etc. Communication was FAST and CLEAR. Bottom line: our business is better off today because we chose Integress.

Doug: CFO

Integress has proven to be extremely effective at recruiting for a variety of IT positions, including obscure roles in small, remote job markets. They have taken the time to learn a lot about our team, which helps them find the perfect personality fit that enables long term relationships.

Ryan: Manager of Systems Engineering & Client
Manager of Systems Engineering & Client

I have been happy to see that Integress set up all the interviews, and all of the prep work for my candidates. They do an exceptional job of making it easy to schedule and conduct interviews. It makes my job much more efficient when working with their team. I also appreciate the prompt follow up after I conduct and interview with their candidates.

Nick: Regional Sales Manager & Client
Regional Sales Manager & Client

A major differentiator with Integress was how candid and transparent they are with both candidates and clients. I noticed the candidates were not over-prepped, and after all the interviews, Integress helped review candidates objectively. The other agencies I worked with tried to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Chris: Sr. Product Manager & Client
Sr. Product Manager & Client

There certainly was a competitive advantage when being placed by Integres. I felt as though they understood the culture, the mentality, and the process. They prepared me, followed up, and continued to support me after the hire was made official as well.

Charles: Associate Sales Engineer & Candidate
Associate Sales Engineer & Candidate

Their professionalism is unmatched by any recruiter i have dealt with in the past. I knew they had my best interest in mind and would only push for placement at a company I was best suited for and visa versa. They were right.

Kimberly: Senior Logistics Sales Engineer & Candidate
Senior Logistics Sales Engineer & Candidate

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