Getting to know the engineering and technical recruiting industry can be tricky, there are a lot of ins and outs, but we’re here to simplify it for you. Here are some frequently asked questions: 

How do contingent searches work?

Are you looking for new engineering or technical talent for your business? With a contingent search, Integress and the client agree on recruitment terms, and then Integress does not collect a fee until the role is filled. This approach to headhunting is common for many individual contributor and management level roles. It offers really low-risk options for the employer, our recruiters are highly motivated to get you the right talent and our mission and vision align with yours instantly. If you are looking for engineering or technical talent, talk to us about the type of person you need. For more information contact our team HERE

What cities in the Inland Empire do you service?

The Inland Empire is an ideal location for us to provide services as we are located in Southern California. We are able to recruit for all industry sectors from distribution and logistics right through to manufacturing and factory automation. We have a robust database of candidates from throughout the USA. Cities that we service include and are not limited to, Riverside, San Bernadino, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, Highland, Rialto, Fontana among many others. We can also provide services to cities like Temecula. Industry verticals we service include; Manufacturing Industrial Automation Logistics and Materials Handling Information Technology If you are an international company with a domestic presence in the Inland Empire we welcome the opportunity to work with you remotely to recruit the right engineering and technical talent for your operation in the Inland Empire. Contact us today: HERE

Where does your recruiting service end and ours begin?

All aspects of the recruiting cycle are outsourced to us. The sourcing of candidates, their engagement, submittal process, scheduling of calls and interviews, follow up of interviews, processing of feedback from both parties, negotiations of salaries (benefits and bonuses too), notice of candidates who get or do not get roles, all the way until they start. You really just work in reaction to our management of the process.

Do you work in all 50 states?

Yes. We work in all states and do some international searches as well. We have offices in Chicago, Illinois and San Juan Capistrano, California, so we do a lot of work in those specific markets. We take pride in being the leading national company for technical job placement and have worked with companies in almost every major city and industrial vertical. By taking a national approach to our job placement we can find you the perfect match regardless of locality.

Do you handle relocations and negotiations?

We work to meet this criteria based on expectations and budgets set by the client during the discovery process. This is an important aspect of our placement process in which we assess our client’s needs in order to thoroughly understand your requests, needs, and any restrictions.

Do you do background checks?

Yes, we can provide background checks for candidates along with any other type of professional screening like a drug test, personality test or competency test. When it comes to high level placements we vet our candidates with a high degree of scrutiny. As part of our comprehensive background checks we can verify driving records, credit, potential criminal records, SSN accuracy, verification of education records, court cases (including any court cases relating to the candidate), bankruptcy filings, character references and recommendations, medical records, military record verification, state licensing records, employment history, and potential sex offenses. We partner with industry leading companies in order to ensure the highest detailed background checks and accurate drug testing upon request.

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