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Dallas is the ninth most populous city in the US with a population of over 1.3 million. Located in the Southern United States, Dallas and its surrounding counties combine to be the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States. An important transportation hub with four major highways merging within city limits, it is also home to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which services 64 million passengers a year. IT, defense, telecommunications, and banking are a few of the industries responsible for its diverse economy, and nearly a dozen Fortune 100 companies are headquartered in Dallas proper. Southwest Airlines, Texas Instruments, AT&T and Energy Transfer Equity call Dallas their home base. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has the sixth highest gross domestic products (GDP) in the United States. Our partnerships with a vast number of technical and engineering firms across the city have provided us, as a Texas technical and engineering recruiter, with an invaluable connection to industry leading talent in almost every sector.

Dallas Engineering Recruiter

With the current climate in the job market, industries are aiming to be creative with their hiring practices. Integress Engineering and Technical Recruiters takes the pain of hiring off your hands and gets talent that is ready to sign and start. As a search firm specializing in the technical and engineering fields, we identify talent in industries ranging from manufacturing to IT to industrial automation within Dallas, Texas. Whether your technical or engineering company is searching for temp positions, middle management or C-suite level executives, Integress provides a quality search at every level with its calculated, wide-berth headhunting capabilities. As your Texas technical and engineering recruiter, it is our goal to carry the weight of finding our clients’ engineering and technical professionals while our clients continue to focus on their companies’ core businesses. To find your company’s next best hire, contact Integress here.

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