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Chicago is the third most highly populated city in the United States with a population of well over 2.5 million. The city serves as the center of economic development in the midwestern US – the city is located on the shores of Lake Michigan hence the nickname the windy city. Chicago is the epicenter of manufacturing, industrial processing, financing, and the technology industry. It acts as a major distribution location for a number of industry verticals and is helped in part by its accessibility to airport terminals, transportation infrastructure, and train freight and transit lines. As far as revenue, Chicago generates the largest gross metropolitan product out of the entire US – at about 670.5 billion in September 2017 the city is said to have the most balanced economic position of any economy in the United States thank to its extremely diverse industries. The largest of those industries are science and engineering in which Chicago is the primary leader nationwide.

Chicago Engineering Recruiter

In an ever increasing competitive marketplace, companies are forced to adapt and pivot their operations as well as their hiring methods. Integress is a white glove technical search company specialized in finding top talent for the fields of IT, distribution and materials handling, industrial automation, medical device manufacturing, and all other types of manufacturing and production. We can deliver tightly focused recruiting services for all manner of technical roles and levels, from temporary employment all the way up to executive management. We find our recruits by utilizing our vast network of highly qualified candidates and job seekers – we’re also poised to negotiate with industry leading talent that may currently be under contract. Our primary mission is to help allow our clients to refocus their efforts back on developing their product and company, and take the burden of talent acquisition off the backs of human resources and executive management. If you’re looking for a recruiter that takes the effort to fully understand your unique company’s needs, goals, and business culture when finding the best candidate for your next position, contact Integress here.

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