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Engineering, Technical & I.T. recruiting.

With offices in California and Chicago, with nationwide executive search and placement services, we pride ourselves on having a white-glove service element to our engineering, technical and I.T. recruiting. Be it a sales engineer or automation engineer, the tech world is different to regular recruiting tasks. It is a specialty role and there are specialty recruiting techniques that we pride ourselves on. With a shortage on skilled engineers or technical personnel, our discreet headhunting ability is like no other. 

Communication and commitment is of the highest value. We become an extension of your company in that we know your story, and what makes you unique. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with this element – that’s our expertise, helping you get to know you even better so that all future employees are a perfect match. Your story matters and candidates will be drawn to it.

At Integress we focus on recruiting in two ways: 

  1. Engineering, Technical or I.T. recruiting to supplement internal Human Resources in finding the perfect permanent roles.
  2. Recruiting project-based roles like short-term staffing, temp work, or highly specialized project roles. 

By working on a contingent search basis we provide a low-risk solution for companies looking to expand their talent pool and fill roles with capable candidates with the highest prerequisites. We don’t collect a fee unless the role is filled to your satisfaction as opposed to companies that require a percentage up-front. We can accommodate to fulfill your needs as they apply to direct hire placement, contract specialists, or even management level and executive searches. We provide all of these services while meeting your needs and catering to the personalized culture of your company. We heavily screen our applicants and measure not just based on prerequisites and experience but on personality and drive. These are the factors that lend us such high satisfaction rates among the professional relationships that we build.

By fully utilizing our candidate identification, talent attraction, and employee screening process, we work to reduce the burden of hiring on your company so you can shift your focus back to your product and clients. When you choose to use Integress to find contract and temp workers you can fulfill short term projects and roles with the utmost confidence. For urgent work we can optionally run payroll through Integress thus relieving any undue burden on your occupied teams. With qualified job seekers around the nation and potential employees in many verticals, we’re dedicated to find you the perfect individual to meet your company’s goals and culture. Our proven process is streamlined, effective, and designed to deliver you the right candidate to help your team succeed in an increasingly competitive industry.

Our Differentiators

10 years of work experience in information and technology

Over 10 years of experienced work, focused precisely on information technologies and engineering.

Passion for our work

A passion for what we do – we really feel that we get to help people lead better lives.

Investment in Leadership

An investment in leadership growth within our team and yours.

best recruitment match suiting your environment

A culture-minded approach that finds the best match for your unique environment.

Our Approach

Analysis of your company's culture, value, and mission

We ask the tough questions so as to truly understand your company culture, values, and mission.

best suited talent for your work environment

We tap into the 75% of the workforce not actively looking for a new role, but best suited for one.

Leading with Integrity

Leading with integrity.

Contingent Search

We offer no upfront costs, and are only successful when you are.

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Contract/Temp Search

We help you hire temporary and contract employees.

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“It’s fairly easy to find a technical match for the role you’re filling, but the cultural fit is what makes the difference. That’s our specialty – it’s like professional match making, and it matters.”

– Principal, Joe Van Tassel

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Engineer & Technical Recruiters
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Is your company struggling to meet the needs of a constantly expanding and competitive market? At Integress we understand the value of building irreplaceable and high-performing teams that help companies thrive long-term. We utilize a database of qualified candidates to find you the perfect match for your technical role. We're the top tech recruiters in the USA and you can try us today on a contingency basis at no up-front cost and a low risk to you.

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