Controls & Robotics Engineer

Controls & Robotics Engineer

$85,000 – $120,000


Benefits: Full

What to expect

  • Work as part of the engineering team and independently on various automation projects
  • Provide the necessary support to the project manager to create project timelines and critical paths
  • Design and document electrical enclosures and systems
  • Program PLCs, HMIs and other electrical devices as need
  • Responsibilities within robotics projects as well as engineering and internal projects will include but not limited to leading or being part of the team that:
    • Develops and documents User Requirement Specifications
    • Speed and reach calculations and simulations for robot applications
    • DFMEA and PFMEA
    • Simulations, Schematics and 3D modeling
    • Implementation and Deployment
    • Design pick and place solutions and proof of concepts

Desired skills

  • Ability to coordinate multiple tasks toward completion targets under minimal supervision
  • Support the Automation Specialists (AS) sales team in developing the scope of a project
  • Experienced in electrical design
  • Proficiency in 3D CAD modeling
  • Experience with advanced automation control systems
  • Experience in designing and upgrading automated equipment
  • Product knowledge of controls and automation devices as well as software
  • Ability to pick and specify components to fulfill its intended function in a system
  • Strong PLC and HMI programming skills
  • Understanding of Sensors, Robotics, Complex Mechanical designs and various controls for automated systems
  • Complete all assigned work in a timely fashion and able to meet assigned deadlines

The Must haves

  • Experience in the selection, programming and implementation of robots, vision systems and industrial automation solutions
  • Industrial electrical hands-on experience and troubleshooting of 24VDC up to 480V 3phase systems
  • Ability to maintain, troubleshoot and modify the following:
    • PLC failures
    • device failures
    • Robotics systems components
    • Control Network components
    • HMI components
    • Motor Controls and starters
    • VFD’s and standard electrical components
  • Design experience and component selection in accordance to applicable standards (ex. UL508A)
  • Experience in high volume production, with an emphasis on ergonomic design, yield improvement, labor and cost reduction
  • Experience in documentation and Risk assessments and good working knowledge of applicable standards (RIA TR R15.306-2016, ISO/TS 15066, ISO 10218-1:2011, etc.)
  • Solid understanding and hands on experience of integrating multiple systems
  • Hands-on experience in developing proof of concept designs
  • 3D Modeling, simulation and reach study experience

Good To haves

  • Customer facing experience
  • Experience with industrial robotics
  • Project management skills
  • Validation experience
  • Solid understanding of mechanical design principles
  • Experience with a wide range of conveying and sorting systems
  • Understanding of mechanical design principles and systems

Education and Experience

  • BS / MS Engineering or related four-year Degree with focus on automation & robotics or electrical & controls
  • 5+ years related experience
  • Proven track record of hands-on experience leading or being an integral part of robotic and automation projects

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