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How US manufacturers are pivoting with COVID-19

Joe Van Tassel 16 May 2020
The Impact of COVID-19 and China & USA Trade War

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic companies in every industry have found it necessary to adjust their structure, communication, and overall purpose in order to accommodate a rapidly shifting economy. Some organizations have been able to pivot with the grace and elasticity needed to keep up with changing demands while others have felt the brunt impact of a rigid structure. At Integress we’ve taken note of the attributes that sustainable companies share and recognize the market trends that thriving organizations are chasing in order to stay afloat and even thrive in these greatly uncertain times.

Made In USA – Growth in USA Manufacturing

With the market greatly shifting over the course of just a few months, so too have the product demands changed for almost every industry vertical. Within the spectrum of biomedical technology and medical manufacturing alone the private and government demand for highly specialized products has increased many times over. The companies that have been able to utilize this opportunity, even if they were not previously involved in developing or manufacturing necessary specialized products, have been able to pivot their supply chain according to market demands.

Engineering and Technical Teams

The companies that have been able to do so with the greatest ease are those comprised of highly capable and synergistic team structures. Companies with highly communicative engineering and technology teams have been able to make the shift to remote development more easily than companies with an inelastic hierarchal structure. With airtight oversight and extremely motivated management teams, companies that otherwise would have been forced to furlough a large portion of their workforce have been able to develop new workflows and production processes to accommodate new needs.

Made in USA – Quality Control Is A Priority

Another attribute of flexible and thriving companies are rigorous quality control checks that allow for sustained quality assurance even through rapid prototyping and development protocols. Our data has shown that almost 50% of businesses that are still operating at nearly full capacity invested in automation procedures that have allowed for continuous production and assembly while maintaining necessary distancing and protecting the welfare of vital workers. Safety and success does not have to be a tradeoff and the benefits of modular automation are clearly evident in this case.

Factory Automation

For companies that may not have invested in automation early on Integress offers means to perform rapid team acquisition at low risk and no up-front cost to our clients. Thanks in part due to our expansive database of manufacturing (which we utilize extensively for our services as a manufacturing recruiting firm), industrial automation, logistics/materials handling, and information technology (I.T.) experts we can make a fast and accurate match according to your company’s needs and help fulfill the roles you need to pivot on a dime. It’s a guarantee that companies with access to contract and temporary workers will have a distinct advantage over competitors with rigid team structures – just another advantage of being an Integress partner.

What is contingency hiring?

Zero fees upfront. Learn more HERE

We’ve always worked on a contingency hiring basis in order to best serve the needs of our clients and not put undue pressure on an already competitive market. That sentiment rings true now more than ever as executives are working double-time to keep up with a dramatically fluctuating market that is quickly picking winners and losers. With government and private funding being exercised in large amounts the stakes are higher than ever for manufacturing and technology companies to be able to pivot and make dramatic shifts to their strategy. When you’re an Integress partner we have your best interest at the root of our services and we strive to help our clients build high performing and highly capable teams. We’re interested in seeing your success first and foremost.

With the knowledge and experience of decades worth of team building through engineering and IT recruiting we’re able to recognize the qualities of candidates who will help pivot your business ahead of the curve. While the market demands may have appeared random at first, creating production monopolies with no room for flexibility, forward-thinking companies have been able to make the shift quickly and efficiently in order to capture the most market share while the markets are in volatile condition. As the demand for new equipment and technology emerges it is companies with highly capable teams and talent that will help pull new products and brands into the limelight and act as key drivers of success. Let us help you build a bright future for the lives of your organizations, your employees, and the wellbeing of American lives.

How US manufacturers are pivoting with COVID-19
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How US manufacturers are pivoting with COVID-19
Manufacturer's have been equally burdened by COVID-19 pandemic, but some have shifted their businesses to match markets. The companies that have been able to utilize this opportunity, even if they were not previously involved in developing or manufacturing necessary specialized products, have been able to pivot their supply chain according to market demands. Read on to find out how.
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