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Technical Recruiters | How to Land the Best Tech Job or Find Premiere Employees

Joe Van Tassel 24 Jun 2020

For the Job Seeker

Have Your Resume Reviewed

Before you meet face to face for an interview, a resume is probably the first thing that both a recruiter and potential employer will see. It’s extremely important that your resume is concise, professional, and well designed and formatted. For this reason, you may want to work with a professional resume writer in order to have an experienced hand draft and finalize the best resume possible. A contract resume writer will know how best to utilize your experience, education, and make a quick overview of your qualifications possible.

Tech recruiters read through hundreds of resumes every month, so it would stand to reason that a good headhunter would have a keen eye for effective resume writing. It would be a great idea to ask for a personal one-on-one session with a professional recruiter and receive sound advice from someone with the same end goal as your own – landing an amazing tech job. Oftentimes presentation of previous job descriptions or even formatting, design, and pageantry can have a huge effect on an employer’s responsiveness to any given resume.

Utilize Proven Personality Tests

Another way to find an ideal match with an eye towards company culture and personal values is through the use of personality tests. One of the unique ways that Integress matches individuals with their dream jobs is through the extensive use of personality tests. Some different tests that you should look into and that will provide us with ample opportunity to make a great placement are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the DISC which measure dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness, as well as the Strengthfinder test and the 5 Love Languages.

The MBTI is one of the oldest personality tests, developed at the turn of the century using Carl Jung’s psychological theory work. It can tell you about your extraversion or introversion, your receptiveness and intuition, your level empathy, as well as your ability to judge and perceive. The DiSC shows your recruiter and potential employer your level of professional drive, the influence that you’re able to exert on others, as well as your methodical process and attention to detail. The Strengthfinder can place your personality into categories like ‘intellectual’, ‘input’, or ‘developer. The 5 Love Languages test may seem odd on the surface but it can actually be highly beneficial in determining what method of payoff you find the most gratifying. Be it through personal praise, bonuses, or affirmations, this test can help determine which kind of company culture you flourish in. It acts as a nice supplement to the other main tests.

Find a Match Based on Common Goals and Company Culture

When working with an engineering recruiter, tech headhunter, or other job placement professional, it’s important to be as communicative as possible when laying out your future career goals, areas of interests, and any special areas of expertise or certifications. By giving an engineering job headhunter a clear idea of your future career goals and personal ambitions, we can make an ideal match. 

Doing so also gives us a good idea of your individual values and employment desires. For example, a potential companies’ strong suit may be creating an excellent work/life balance with ample time off for maternity leave and a wholesome company culture. For a young professional looking to start a family or a seasoned tech with an eye towards retirement, finding the right match based on personality and cultural overlaps is a great way to make an ideal match for both parties.

For the Employer

Amenities, Benefits, and Competitive Salaries

When it comes to attracting high level talent within your industry, the competition is undoubtedly fierce. It’s becoming increasingly common, particularly in the fields of manufacturing, industrial automation, logistics/materials handling, and information technology, for industry leading companies to offer on-site amenities and facilities that incentivize employees with a comfortable and accommodating atmosphere. If those are options that your location offers it could be an excellent selling point and draw for highly desirable talent. As with most employment arrangements, benefits are par for the course, and it’s important to lay out everything that your company offers as far as health plans, employee benefits, and performance bonuses. We can utilize these selling points in order to attract promising talent and seasoned workers alike.

Opportunities for Growth

It’s key to outline the potential for growth within any given role. One of the best ways of doing so is outlining the statistics of development for your company and lay out the higher positions and leadership opportunities that can motivate an individual to put their best effort forward with the goal of professional growth in mind. Potential employees may make discernments as to whether they want to choose an established entity over a startup with exciting prospects for future possibilities. It’s advantageous when finding the best match for your company to be able to discern what type of environment and level of establishment that your ideal candidate is searching for.

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Technical Recruiters | How to Land the Best Tech Job or Find Premiere Employees
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Technical Recruiters | How to Land the Best Tech Job or Find Premiere Employees
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