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Technology Hiring Process
Joe Van Tassel 11 Jul 2016

When I started this company, I wanted to attach it to some serious beliefs and values. I wanted to attract clients and employees that had strong values and that really wanted to be in partnership with a business that stood for something.

These are our ten beliefs, which we will dig into in more detail here soon.

  1. We believe that life is all about relationships and find fulfillment in nurturing them.
  2. We believe that freedom in the workplace creates happiness.
  3. We believe that our performance is measured by the results that we generate, not by the hours we work.
  4. We believe in continuous learning to better ourselves, and the ones around us.
  5. We believe that trust is built with our clients through the quality of our work.
  6. We believe in always giving our best.
  7. We believe that we are bettering the lives of the people that we serve.
  8. We believe that a strong internal process creates trust, efficiency, and results.
  9. We believe in solution-based thinking, not victim-based thinking.
  10. We believe that happiness and Integrity are the cornerstones of living a prosperous life.

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