Vice President of Data Engineering

Vice President of Data Engineering

$180,000 – $220,000


Benefits: Full

The Vice President of Data Engineering role is a hands-on opportunity to design and implement Company’s large-scale data acquisition pipeline.


  • Research, architect, and develop new applications for data capture and processing in the scale of 100’s of millions of records
  • Explore opportunities and relationships in available data sources leading to new insights and value
  • Develop, test, performance test, and deploy new data-centric applications responsible for data capture and processing business-specific workflows
  • Continuously improve the resilience and reliability of data collection and processing
  • Work closely with engineers throughout the organization to identify and implement tools and processes for data collection, transport and processing
  • Communicate with the dev engineers, operations, and analytics engineers who use our applications and platforms to both explain functionality and gather requirements for new projects


  • BS in a technical discipline, preferably Computer Science/Engineering, MS preferred
  • Strong programming and scripting background (preferably Go / Python) within a Linux environment
  • Familiar with Linux operating system and command line tools
  • Programming experience with SQL/ PostgreSQL, Redshift preferred
  • Experience with data acquisition applications from web sites and social media in the scale of 100’s of millions of records (including API’s and web scraping)
  • Experience with AWS services including EC2, S3, Redshift
  • Experience with large volumes of data
  • Experience in learning new technologies and developing new applications to solve large data problems
  • Experience building, working with and deploying data consumers / producers, pipelines, and distributed systems
  • Flexible, creative, agile approach to collaboration and development


  • Experience with complex REST APIs, including Google and YouTube
  • Some experience and/or interest in applied ML, AI, Deep Learning applications (NLP, RNN, CV/Image Processing) in production (i.e. Tesnsorflow, PyTorch, Keras, etc.)
  • Familiar with Jupyter Notebooks and pure Python 3.x.
  • Experience with Google GCP services, Big Query, Google Cloud Storage
  • Experience with Google OAuth 2.0
  • Familiarity with Visual Studio/C#

Personal Attributes

  • Extreme and obsessive attention to detail
  • Best-in-class analytical/critical/creative thinking skills
  • Innovative and flexible approach to collaboration and development
  • Ability to thrive in entrepreneurial environments with multiple projects and constantly changing priorities
  • Work independently/remotely with little oversight
  • Forge relationships at all levels of the company

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